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Video: Base Goku And Vegeta Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer

We have finally gotten a reveal trailer for both base Goku and Vegeta for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The game is currently available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but as we heard yesterday, the game will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on 28th September. There will be a beta on the Nintendo Switch sometime next month.

8 thoughts on “Video: Base Goku And Vegeta Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer”

    1. There are so many goku variants and clones in this game the “base” one feels unnecessary

      In my opinion base goku should have been the only goku and the others would be his transformations like in the anime and same as freezer

      1. If you ask me, Super Saiyan Goku and Base Goku are completely understandable. Base Goku is really iconic and Super Saiyan is arguably the most iconic aspect of the franchise. However Super Saiyan Blue even I feel was overdoing it, don’t get me wrong, I love Super Saiyan Blue but even I have to agree it was too early to add them in. If the roster had 40+ characters, yeah sure, that would be fine but with it just over 30? No, too soon.
        Still, if season 2 does happen, at least it’s unlikely we’d get more versions of Goku–OH who am I kidding? We’d totally get Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku.

  1. Okay, I originally wasn’t too excited for these 2 to get in as we already have 2 forms of them but they actually do look awesome.

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