Nintendo Switch

Take Two Says That More “Products” Are Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Take Two and its subsidiaries have been supportive of the Nintendo Switch, including Carnival Games coming to the console on November 6th. Well, Take-Two CEO Straus Zelnick recently spoke to GameIndustry about the company’s success. Zelnick says that “what we’ve put out so far has been successful”, and GameIndustry says that Zelnick “promised more products are coming to Nintendo’s console”,




    1. Yeah you are so right, it’s like these guys in suits who can’t wait to get more richer. They tall all day PRODUCTS, ship, ship, ship new Product ! Content, amazing content, content, products 🤮

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  1. Bioshock! Bioshock! Bioshock! :D
    (Borderlands 2 too not bad)(i now nobody gime stronghold :(, serious Command and conquer for Switch)

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