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Playground Mode Returns To Fortnite On July 25 For Nintendo Switch

Fortnite fans will soon get another chance to jump back to the Playground. The popular mode officially returns on July 25 for all major versions of the game, including Nintendo Switch. Players will be able to set up squad battles with new team select options, skirt around in an ATK and gear up with lots more loot. A full list of changes will be made available via Fortnite’s 5.10 patch notes.

14 thoughts on “Playground Mode Returns To Fortnite On July 25 For Nintendo Switch”

  1. Best news of the whole damn week !
    I wonder what Wetluigi thinks of the new update, I bet he is here.

    Fortnite saved the Switch.

    1. The Switch was doing just fine without this sad excuse for a shooter game. If you care so much about this passing fad, then why don’t you create myfortnitenews.

      1. Very brave, coming out of the shadows !

        I think I start to like you, maybe one day we can be friends and play the Switch together in bed.

        If I ever make an Fornite website I’ll ask you first to be a mod. ( Wetluigi First Fortnite Order )
        Beautiful name ! I’m crying.

      1. First Order are you sure these kids played on a Nintendo and not an iPad ?

        I guess you confuse the two.
        It did fine compared to Wii U sales, not other consoles or phone hardware.

        Be careful, maybe one day the Switch will be seen as a Fad and nothing more. After all Fortnite Switch is an Phone port.
        Devs care less.

        That’s bad for you a bunch of kids on an Sunday would rek you when boots are on the ground.
        Time for some training instead of feeding ignorance.

        When I was a kid I played Starfox on a Sunday, now at my age I guess talking fox is kinda silly and the gameplay little bit easy, childish.


  2. Cool! Very cool, even!

    I wonder when it’ll go offline, however. I’m in the middle of my annual ten week break from playing video games and want to try this mode when I’m finished with it.

  3. Cool.
    Also, my Gyro-aiming stopped working as of this update. I tried restarting and recalibrating everything, it no work.
    Can’t find any reports about this happening to other players, except that my brother has the exact same issue. No mentions online for as far as I can see.
    Makes the game feel super clunky.

    1. I feedback’ed at Epic through the game, hope it doesn’t take long to resolve.
      The good thing is that I haven’t really seen any low-polygon building or cities upon landing since the new update hit. Not sure but might be fixed?

    2. They added a option to switch motion on and off instead of just putting it down to 0. After update motion is turned off just switch it back on it should right above the motion sensitivity settings

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