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Japan: RPG Maker MV Coming To Nintendo Switch With Cross-Play This Autumn

News has emerged today that Kadokawa Games is set to publish RPG Maker MV in Japan. The game will feature the excellent addition of cross-play between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One! It will be released as RPG Tsukuru MV Trinity and will come to Japan on 15th November priced at ¥8,424. Japanese Nintendo reports that the free RPG Tsukuru MV Players software has also been announced “allowing players to download and play created games.”

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    1. That’s near impossible given the fact that Octopath is with its stunning visuals built in Unreal Engine 4. Capabilities of this engine are nowhere near such complex one as Unreal. I do however understand that such things are too hard to understand for kiddie Xbot like you.

    1. I get the crossplay between Switch and Xbox but why not PC?

      It makes me wonder if this version of RPG Maker MV has limits when compared to the original PC version. It also would be much easier to code and type out dialogue with a keyboard.

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