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Nintendo Reveals F-Zero Medley For Super Smash Bros Ultimate By Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

The music for the forthcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch is sure to be incredible and further proof of this comes today as Nintendo has revealed that legendary musician Takenobu Mitsuyoshi will be providing a F-Zero arrangement for the game. Super Smash Bros Ultimate will land on the Nintendo Switch this winter,


  1. hmmm… i cant remember that song.
    but i remember how cool blue falcon was ;-) or mute city… okay i dindent like mute city that much but i can remember instead of the theme on top.

  2. What have they done to my beloved F-ZERO!? That was awful… Just get sega and ninty together again to do SX

  3. Did Nintendo specifically make a big deal about this? *chuckles* I see what Ninty did here if so: fucking with F-Zero fans who want a new game in the franchise.

  4. so they’re hiring real musicians for this one instead of the C-grade anime composers Smash 4 was plagued with? Good

  5. It sucks, really. I remember the wonderful soundtrack in Melee, so I don’t worry about it, but these fitfy seconds sound really awful.

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