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Epic Games Now Worth Around A Staggering $8 Billion Due To Fortnite Success

There’s no denying that Fortnite has been a huge success for Epic Games with everyone flocking to play the battle royale inspired mode. Bloomberg is now reporting that the company is now worth around $5 – $8 billion due to the video game as well as the Unreal Engine. This has made the CEO and company founder Tim Sweeney, the controlling shareholder, a billionaire.


10 thoughts on “Epic Games Now Worth Around A Staggering $8 Billion Due To Fortnite Success”

  1. And we still have people here in denial.

    If it was a fad, why does survival & Battle Royale games exist before Splatoon was even a thing ?
    I played Battle Royale games in early 2012. 😘

    Not a fad, you just getting triggered because you instant wanna own the game, since it’s a kid game, must be easy
    for some of the PRO players here (Wetluigi, First Order )

    Keep complaining about free games guys. It’s an Nintendo game now.

    1. Can I prefer one game or one genre that’s not the most popular? Can I have lived long enough to see games like this come and go? I somehow survived without being into CoD/Battlefield during their heyday. I played some great MMOs before and after WoW, when that was the only thing people cared about. I skipped Minecraft and it’s clones because I don’t have the patience for building (even though I wish I did). I did get on board when MOBAs were the hot thing, but never cared for DOTA.

      The battle royale genre reminds me of the zombie survival boom. It really started with players doing specialized Counter Strike servers (like Hunger Game servers on Minecraft). Eventually, those servers got popular enough for a major company to catch on, and TRS took what literally started as knife vs bots on CS and turned it into Left 4 Dead. Eventually every publisher had a zombie game or a zombie mode. Heck, even Splatoon has it’s own zombie mode now.

      Long story short, no one’s getting “triggered.” I’ve enjoyed plenty of FTP games like LoL and Paladins. It’s awesome so many people are enjoying a game. I had a buddy who programmed at Epic until just recently, I’m sure he’s pumped for his coworkers. I’m going to play Splatoon and Paladins because Fortnites not my jam. You keep playing what’s fun for you and maybe talk about why you like it so much, so you can convince more people to enjoy your favorite games. Talk to people like they’re humans sitting in front of you that also like video games.

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  3. I have it on my PS4 but I haven’t touched it- Until Dawn has my attention on that platform right now.

    Hell I’ll probably never play it and just have it on there for the sake of saying “yeah I have the game.”

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