Video: Netflix Castlevania Animated Series Season Two Trailer, Series Starts 26th October

The highly anticipated second season of Castlevania is due to arrive on popular video streaming service Netflix later this year. The producers have produced a trailer giving us a look at what to expect from season 2 of Castlevania which arrives on Netflix on 28th October.


  1. Finally! Castlevania S2 is almost here!

    S1 might have been 4 episodes but it was enough to get me wanting more even if the show didn’t start picking up til E3. S1 definitely felt like a long prologue to set up the main antagonist & the 3 main protagonists with S2 being chapter 1.

  2. Anything that’s only on Netflix is something I’ll NEVER watch. Since nobody in my family has (or cares about) Netflix. Seriously, I get sick of even seeing the stupid Netflix button on my Blu-ray remote. Every once in a while I accidentally press it, and then I have to figure out how to get back to the main menu again. I swear I’m gonna cut that button off of my remote some day.

    Everything these days has stupid online apps that I don’t care anything about. Even TV’s. Which probably causes the prices to be unnecessarily higher. SO annoying.

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