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Q1 2018: Nintendo Shipped 1.88m Switch Consoles (-5% YoY) And 17.96m Switch Software (+120% YoY)

The Nintendo financial results are now in and they make for interesting reading as always. Nintendo Switch console sales were slightly down but the amount of software sold for the Nintendo’s latest platform is extremely impressive. The company shifted 1.88 million Nintendo Switch consoles and 17.95m software. Here’s how it compares:

Nintendo Switch Hardware Q1

2017 – 1.97m
2018 – 1.88m

Nintendo Switch Software Q1

2017 – 8.14m
2018 – 17.96m


26 thoughts on “Q1 2018: Nintendo Shipped 1.88m Switch Consoles (-5% YoY) And 17.96m Switch Software (+120% YoY)”

    1. Lower your expectations, you must. There won’t be an Animal Crossing game on the Switch this year.

  1. 2017 – 1.97m
    2018 – 1.88m
    Not good at all. Last year they had Mario kart from the beginning and with STOCK problems. This year was very low quarter without strong games until ACES the last week of June. DK do a lot on May and LABO a on april but this was a very slow month. This could be diferent if they released Darks Souls because a lot people want to preorder the console for this game alone. At least thanks to ACES, Octopath and Toad on July and some weeks of august until MHUG will doing great.

    And about Holidays season:

    Just Super Mario Party, Pokemon Let’s Go and Super Smash isn’t enough. Last year SMO and XBC2 but also Skyrim ( just Dance and Doom depends) and you have to add a lot people who were waiting the entire year to have more games to buy with the system. Last year October-December sales they got like 7.5million of hardware with that. This year they want to past even that and probably sell over 10-12million consoles or even more on Holidays. I know they still hiding games and probably more ports and big third parties(GTA V can help with the sales if they just announce that I hope) will come on the next direct. But this holiday season they have options if they want to succeed:

    1 – Cut the price to $250 on november but I don’t know if this a good idea for them

    2 – Drop the price to $250 for just 2 weeks (Black Friday and Cyber Monday weeks.) also make bundles and also drop the price $250 again 2 weeks before Christmas.

    3 – with Option 2 but also depends the last one: Cut the price on December or January Direct and thats because they don’t have what games will release on January against KH3 because really… the last January was just Celeste (still indie no matter what) worldwide and Mario + Rabbids on Japan that was very low month against MHW.

    A lot people will buy the system if they just cut the price and thats for sure

    1. You really think Kingdom Hearts hold a candle to Pokemon/Smash? at its peak sells KH sold 7mil, Pokemon and Smash are game series that sell 15m+ each iteration, Spider Man and Kingdom hearts won’t overshadow Pokemon and Smash at all, I do predict KH will hit huge numbers, maybe 4mil, same with spider man, but that about it really.

      I do agree, sells are slowing down, and this is mainly caused because Nintendo has no released big hitters in the last 5 months, they need a massive title every 6 months at least, pokemon or smash had been released in April, we would have to see a massive increase in revenue that for sure, Switch price cut is coming too that a given if they want to compete vs the competition $250 price tag.

    2. Considering how much Smash and Pokemon have sold during holiday seasons in years past, i think it’s safe to assume that the Switch will do good this Christmas. For Black Friday, I don’t foresee any price cuts but maybe some bundles with really popular games.

    3. It’s amazing how folk can see thing so differently. Of course a price cut could move some systems, but I don’t agree that they need to. Mario Party, Pokemon and Smash in one holiday has me thinking that’s a bomb that’s going to cause stock issues, and Starlink could be a Christmas dark horse. I’m looking at this from my perspective: a 30 year old dad with kids aging into video games and the desire to share my favorites with them + my wife and her boatload of siblings who get together every holiday and play the crap out of their old favorites (Mario Party is huge for them). And I don’t see Dark Souls as a system seller whatsoever. The Steam reviews on the remaster are pretty mediocre and there’s currently 1/10th the players on it compared to Skyrim (which I WOULD describe as a 2011 port that could still be a system seller).

      Think of Christmas this way: They’re not targeting the “website commenting, news following, buy every new release as it comes out, gamer demographic.” This is for the group that buy their hardware and the big hitters at Christmas. It’s 30 somes like me with kids looking at the available library and seeing a massive library of favorites: Smash, Pokemon/Pokken, Mario Kart, that Zelda everyone said was amazing, 3D Mario, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Mario Kingdom Battles, Toad, Starfox with a neat toy, Kirby, Donkey Kong Country….all the games I played on SNES/N64 plus things like hey I played the crap out of Skyrim in college, Splatoon and Arms look interesting, Xenoblade for dad maybe. That library looks awesome through dad eyes.

  2. Sligtly down in hardware sales? More like massively down. Q1 is jan through to march and the switch launched in march last year. The switch sold more in 1 month last year (march) compared to 3 months (jan, feb, march) of this year.

      1. Oh no. gamingfan2009 back with the Nintendo hating. Go cry about “massively” down hardware sales somewhere else, loser.

  3. Nintendo should stop playing buddy buddy with Microsoft. As much as Sony are dirty competitors, Microsoft are snakes.

  4. :/ people really negative at a slight fall in sales in Q1 when the year before was launch year… i mean did you really think that a year 2 Q1 would be more than year 1 Q1? ;P

    1. Exactly. People automatically assume the Switch is dead, when the sales go down a tiny bit. It’s a business, it will always go up and down.

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