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Nintendo Reveals Software Sales For Their Biggest Nintendo Switch Titles

The Nintendo financial results have been published today. Nintendo Switch hardware sales were slightly down but software sales were extremely impressive. The company has revealed how many units their biggest titles for the system have sold and it is the wonderful Super Mario Odyssey which has topped the sales chart.

Super Mario Odyssey
11.17m (+ 760k)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
10.35m (+ 1.13m, nothing else is even close)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
9.32m (+ 840k)

Splatoon 2
6.76m (+740k wow close to Odyssey)

1-2 Switch
2.45m (+ 160k)

2.01m (+ 160k, even with 1-2)

Kirby Star Allies
1.89m (+630k)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
1.42m (+110k)

Nintendo Labo
1.39m combined

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
1.40 million


39 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals Software Sales For Their Biggest Nintendo Switch Titles”

      1. sadly fanboys say that, because they can’t accept that 3rd parties aren’t selling games on Switch as well as they think they are. Bayonetta 2 only had 700,000 lifetime sales on Switch when revealed, so fanboys need to accept the fact that 3rd party games on Nintendo systems SUCK in sales!

    1. Pretend like Link and Zelda are not giants now. That is a Zelda game about to break 10 million games sold.

  1. Is there any 3rd party game that’s sold 1 million copies? Possibly Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle though that’s not strictly entirely 3rd party. It’s the same old story that Nintendo’s games sell well while 3rd party games by and large flop.

    1. You know what? Let’s do some quick math, ok?
      You gather all those games numbers than you have the result : about 48 millions!
      Then you remove those 48 millions from the 86 millions softwares! Then you realize that there are about 38 millions 3rd party games sold on the console in 15 months… Then You will also realize that this 3rd party flop comment is some bullshit people like to say to convince themselves that only mario sales on Nintendo consoles!

    2. This complaint never makes any kind of sense. The top 3rd part titles don’t *RELEASE* on Nintendo’s platforms. So yeah, years old ports and niche Otaku games can’t compete in sales with some of the the biggest franchises in the industry. Big shocker. Can you actually point to though a major 3rd part release that actaully “flopped” at all, rather than a low budget 3rd party title selling exactly what they were expected to?

  2. Wait, I get the first 4 in the list, but then it goes crazy! How the heck did 1-2 switch beat kirby star allies, arms, donkey kong, and labo?

    1. Well the obvious answer is that 1-2 Switch has been out since launch and 3 of the other 4 have only been out for a few months. It shouldn’t really be outselling Arms though.

  3. Any reason, other than it being a mistake, that Mario Tennis Aces was left off this list? It also sold 1.38m

  4. These numbers are great. For 3 titles to be owned by 50%+ of Switch owners is beyond impressive. Glad to see Nintendo’s marketing work again.

  5. I hope the next Xenoblade game doesn’t look like the current one nor that it does the blades concept. I doubt ill get back into the franchise I finished off at Chronicles X and that’s it for me.

  6. Almost 2 million for Kirby Star Allies. That makes me happy above all else. :)

    I was afraid the lukewarm reception would harm its sales, yet Kirby marches on strong.

  7. It’s unfortunate that a port sold so high. I too bought it, but I never played it on the Wii U. Still happy about Mario Odissey taking the crown and Zelda selling so well. Those two pretty much deserved it. ARMS got pretty high numbers for an original game. So, hopefully. it’s going to be a strong IP in the future. I would like to see their characters in Super Smash Bros (future updates, like in ARMS).

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