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Pokemon 2019 Release Date Refined From “Second Half” Of 2019 To “Late 2019”

Pokemon fan site Serebii has noticed that the long-awaited core Pokemon title that’s due to be released on the Nintendo Switch has had its release window slightly changed. Pokemon 2019 was originally scheduled for the second half of 2019, but today it has been revealed that it’s now scheduled for late 2019. Sounds as though it will be a winter title.




    1. More like Pokemon has been a November, can’t say if every Pokemon game has released in November but it would make sense to have it release in November for consistency sake.

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      1. You know what. I really don’t understand why people are complaining about a diamond and pearl remake that we want. But, I really want game freak to make the remake of gen 4 for Nintendo Switch.


      2. if i did get back into that franchise there would be a few things i’d like to see.

        1. no mega evolutions

        2. no trials

        3. fully custom created trainer (no breast slider)

        4. you actually see the attacks for eg bite the creature actually runs up and bites.

        5. being able to re battle gyms but they are tougher.

        6. No watered down Go Mechanics.

        7. Fully voice acted game using voice actors from the show.

        8. get the chance to challenge anime protagonists eg Dawn, Lyra, Richie, Jimmy, Crystal,an many more.

        9. all the creature are voiced and not just yellow ingrate.

        10. have to elite four challenges but the second one being more challenging.

        11. finally introduce 4 eveelotions Flying, Dragon, Ghost, Poison.

        12. no co-op play.


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