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It Appears Free-To-Play Nintendo Switch Games Will Not Require Nintendo Online Subscription

It is a new month and next month will see the introduction of Nintendo Switch Online which is a paid service much like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. However, it is vastly cheaper than either. We still don’t know the complete details of the new service, but Reset Era member ggx2ac has discovered that free-to-play games online do not seem to require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play with other people online.


Thanks toย Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!


57 thoughts on “It Appears Free-To-Play Nintendo Switch Games Will Not Require Nintendo Online Subscription”

  1. I only play Fortnite and Paladins online so this is great news for me. I’m still gonna get the online however because I want all the goodies that comes with the subscription. I guess Splatoon 2 I’ll still have to pay to be able to play it.

  2. If Splatoon 2 does not get anti-cheat or a screening system for hackers I am not buying it, yesterday I meet 2 hackers and I was on my way to becoming A+, I don’t even feel like playing the game anymore.

  3. Online should be free in general. So what, when you buy a multiplayer focused game for $60 you cant play it unless you sub? Absolutely retarded. Pays $60 for a game and still cant play it automatically lol fail.

    1. Because that’s how a subscription works, moron. That’s like saying magazines should be free and that you shouldn’t have to pay for it just because it is a subscription service.

      1. Microsoft charges you to play fortnite on the xbox one but no other platform charges. Why is that? Oh thats right, greed. I’ll just continue exposing you dumbasses.

      2. You really are dumb, aren’t you? They need MONEY to upkeep the online service that YOU are using.

      3. Microsoft does not charge for the Battle Royale mode and neither does anyone else. However, you can pay for the Save The World mode. Anything else I can prove you wrong about, dummy.

      4. Wow. Lets give a round of applause to gamingfuck2009 for actually doing research on a topic that doesn’t even relate to this website.

    2. The PC gamer in me wants to say “yeah, free online for everyone!” Then I remember that in the days before Steam took over, I had to pay for private servers for all sorts of games to play online. Subscription tiers for Gamespy games (most online games at the time used Gamespy). Then MMO’s had fees. Xbox Live to play Mech Assault and Halo. F2P games just give the illusion of free. And it’s only been a fairly recent thing that Steam has brought “free” online (if you consider giving them a near monopoly on PC gaming sales, easy marketing access, and DRM free). I know how hard it was to convince your parents to sign up for a subscription just to play your games and how much it sucked to not get to play something your friends were, so I do sympathize.

      I guess the question is why should online multiplayer games be free, when the cost to run them is astronomical? I’ve been paying $60 for a game that needed subscriptions since the 90s. The only thing that’s changed is companies have figured out how to make you think you’re not paying anything for its use, either through ads, f2p psychological manipulation, etc. I actually miss the days of just giving a game $15 a month and not having to deal with a constant barrage of monetization oozing into every facet of the game.

        1. I’ve dealt with hackers and exploiters in every shooter I’ve played on PC. Even the professional gaming scene, where its highly scrutinized, struggles to eliminate it entirely. I may have run across someone good at hiding it, but I’ve yet to notice anyone hacking in my Splatoon games. Maybe it’s more common in lower ranks nowadays. Maybe people read about it and perceive things as hacking, even when its not.

      1. Yeah, you are the troll. You are coming onto a nintendo site saying things that make you a troll. Just because you proved one tiny little thing about MICROSOFT, doesn’t prove anything. So how about you get lost and go troll another site.

      2. Can you guys stop trolling. First of all it’s forbidden and second we already had enough trolls here on this website.

      1. Thanks for leaking the info to Mynintendonews. Told ya Fortnite is popular because super B + game

        Already 40 comments and still counting. Admin should show Fornite news, Splatoon is dead. takes 5 minutes finding people in lobby, unlike fortnite 30 seconds for 100 players.

        Maybe the first Order will stop with the arrogance and move on into the bright future.

    1. It would be good if Nintendo did this since it’s the way it works with PS+.

      Xbox seems to be the only platform limiting online without Gold in free to play games. Which, I guess sucks. But, if I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure it was like this with the 360. So, nothing different there.

    1. Fortnite Battle Royale is free to start? Does this mean there’s a cool down to play a game? Or that I can only progress so far in what is essentially a multiplayer game? Are there locked modes?

    2. Fortnite is fully free. Unless you wanna seduce some boys with new outfits.

      300 hours in without a penny and ranked number one many times, solo and 50vs50.
      All free.

      Maybe download the game next time before you comment ?

    1. It’s a free game, what 60 dollars ?

      It’s not about the amount and if you can afford it, no need to brag with your welfare money. Everyone can afford it you are not special or cool, just kinda dumb really. You should send me 60 bucks now on PayPal just to read my comment now. You can afford it.



  5. This is BAD news, since we will have more kids now in Fortnite ruining my run. Grrrrrrr

    I was planning to buy a sub anyways.

    Wetluigi would agree.

    1. You have a video about the modding or cooling ? Sounds interesting you took battery back with tweaking the cooling. Was thinking if I would change the cooling paste this week on the Switch GPU. Guess it’s already dried up after a year and poor quality factory paste.

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