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Persona Q2 Reconfirmed For Nintendo 3DS

Persona Q2 feels like it has been a long time in the making and many were wondering whether the developers had abandoned their original plans to launch the game on the Nintendo 3DS and change to the newer Nintendo Switch. It has now been revealed that the game is in development for the Nintendo 3DS as originally planned.


9 thoughts on “Persona Q2 Reconfirmed For Nintendo 3DS”

  1. I never understood people thinking it could be moved to Switch. Going from 3DS to Switch mid-development sounds pretty expensive.

    Plus, they probably want to take advantage of the 3DS’ dual screens as much as possible.

    1. they can make it work, they have Hd assets they can recycle easily. And dont forget that the games are first made on computers in HD then scaled down to sub 240p for 3ds handhelds, not as hard or complicated as you may think

  2. It sure has been a long time in the making. Wait, “in the making”!?

    “So you know that we out there,
    swatting lies in the making,
    can’t move fast without breaking,
    can’t hold on or life won’t change!”

    I need to play through P5 again.

  3. I have almost a thousand hours on Persona 5 and 4, we need some form of persona on switch, and info on SMTV already I thought it was a 2018 title

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