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Octopath Traveler Has Shipped One Million Units Globally And Nintendo Shares Art

The recently released Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch has now shipped over one million units globally. This figure includes retail sales as well as digital downloads and is all in all rather impressive for both Square Enix and Nintendo. To mark the occasion the company has shared some special artwork which you can check out down below.



28 thoughts on “Octopath Traveler Has Shipped One Million Units Globally And Nintendo Shares Art”

  1. That’s an impressive number for a JRPG. I found that game very nostalgic, is just like i remember the SNES games. Beautifully crafted. For everyone who are thinking about it, don’t worry, the game is fun as hell, give it a try.

      1. Remember ! 1,2 Switch was also FUN.

        Trowing a ball and a dog brings it back is also FUN for 10 minutes.
        Playing together with your child his toys is also fun for 10 minutes .

        Skyrim was also FUN … the first 45 minutes.

        Overhyped like Bravely default.

      2. ^ It sounds like you have an attention span problem. I play fetch with my dogs all the time and I never get sick of it. I don’t have any kids but I also don’t get board of spending time with my nephew after 10 minutes.

        Octopath Traveler deserves all the hype it gets. The combat system alone is worthy of all the praise.

      3. If you don’t play a videogame searching for a fun experience… Why do you even play it? I mean… What happen to these people nowadays, what are you searching in a game? Realistic Graphics? Online playing? Then search it somewhere else.

    1. And that is all the players have to say about an RPG ?
      What about the depth, the crazy strategy or bosses ?

      It’s fun, it’s good, try it.
      That’s all people tell me.

      For an RPG that’s kinda dull. What about depth ?
      What class, how do you attack ? Like we had World of Warcraft 10 years ago and FF7, people didn’t say about these games. Oh Yeah, it’s fun guys, buy it.

      How did you gem against bosses ?
      Sounds to me like an casual game for casuals. Just attack and heal and some gimmicks like Bravely Default. Brave, default, brave, default, default, default, attack, heal, brave, attack, heal, brave, Zzzzzzzz 100 hours.

      Too bad ! Art work looks good, gameplay is kinda Final fantasy 3 smartphone casual stuff.

      1. There are countless reviews that detail the game and its mechanical depth, as well as a demo that lasts three hours long.
        But something tells me you’re not here heckling everyone to be sold on the game. You’re just here to whine about a game you’ve never played to a group of people who enjoyed it.
        So sorry dude, but nobody here cares if you hate Octopath Traveler.

      2. Don’t worry, I can vouch for the game. It’s turning out better than expected (approaching 40 hours currently on playthrough) and I don’t waste my time on boring games. Definitely more interesting than Bravely Default was imho.

  2. I don’t wanna see/hear people say the graphics aren’t beautiful and is not hyper-realistic like God of War, the graphics ARE beautiful and it doesn’t have to be hyper-realistic.

    1. Artstyle > Graphical Fidelity

      This game will age better visually-speaking than the games that try and look hyper realistic like God of War 2018. I remember people touting Uncharted 2 as the beat looking game ever almost a decade ago. Nowadays it’s not even in the discussion.

      However, to this day people still claim that Wind Waker and Okami are still some of the prettiest games out there. Late SNES RPGs like FF6, Chrono Trigger, and Earthbound still get praise for looking great too and I see Octopath Traveler fitting right in there with them.

  3. I’m about 80 hours in havent done all the side quest and still have 4 more character stories to complete. 60$ well spent imo.

  4. I’m surprised by the amount of meat in this game. The stories are also a bit refreshing for the genre. They aren’t exactly new or complex but they are at least a departure from “We gotta destroy this evil threatening the world” trope.
    And it’s par for a square rpg… beautiful graphics, amazing music, and simple maps that aren’t too big that they drag on too long.

  5. The stories can be a little grating but I’m enjoying all the characters nonetheless. The combat is downright addictive and indeed, once you master a certain set of enemies, there’s always a new one to easily put you in your place. If other turn based RPGs could do this, then games like Fire Emblem or Pokemon wouldn’t be hard, drawn out, grinding slogs. The boss fights are particularly long, occasionally they will turn into a war of attrition if you don’t plan or adapt to it’s weakness but they are satisfying and test your strategies as well as your endurance.

  6. I just bought the game myself, but thats crazy good for a new IP exclusive to a new console with a lower install base. I hope it continues to sell well and Square starts to take the switch and its audience seriously, giving us more exclusives and taking more risks for us.

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