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Nintendo Settles The Debate On How To Pronounce NES

Wondering exactly how you should pronounce NES which is short for the Nintendo Entertainment System? Well, Nintendo has provided the answer in the recently released WarioWare Gold on the Nintendo 3DS. The correct pronunciation according to Nintendo is that NES is pronounced “Ness”. There you go!

36 thoughts on “Nintendo Settles The Debate On How To Pronounce NES”

  1. I think we r so used to it in many ways, It doesn’t really matter
    Nintendo entertainment system

    I didn’t like the sound of SNES though when it was released and I just referred to it as Super Nintendo

  2. Im a rebel and I call it N-E-S and Ness, same goes for S-N-E-S and instead of calling it the Snezz I call it Super N-E-S.

  3. Who cares ? It’s all about N64 mini this year. Bring it on !

    Jet force gemini

    Nintendo LONG controller cable this time please. N64 going under my tv, that’s for sure.

    1. I really hope they can get Rare on board for the N64 classic. Rare made that system for me, the library would be pretty lacking without them.

  4. Dam I always used to call it ness but then I grew up and started saying N-E-S for Nintendo entertainment system. I was correct as a child all along saying ness lol

  5. technically they are correct. There are no “.” after the letters in NES…so it can’t be pronounced N-E-S. With that said i have always called that system “regular nintendo” and SNES “super nintendo”

    1. If it doesn’t have ‘.’, then how do you pronounce “AMC Theatres”? “Am-kuh”? “Ah-mik”?
      How about “NFL”? Is it “Un-foll”? What about “NBA”? Is it “Un-Bah”?

  6. I’ve always said it as ness because that’s how I read it in Smash 64’s character bios Didn’t know it stood for something until later but I’m sure I would’ve still said ness even if I knew.

  7. Thinking about it now this is exactly how I’ve pronounced Nintendo’s consoles over the years:

    Super Nintendo
    En sixty four
    Game cube

  8. I thought this was pretty clear from the Nintendo Power days when they had the character Nester. I think Ness sounds weird in sentences though. We always just called it Nintendo and SNES was Super Nintendo.

  9. I wonder how much of a regional thing it was. I literally never heard it called ness until well after the super nes days.

  10. NNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY “NESS”! It annoys the CRAP out of me (though I know that’s probably how Ness from Earthbound got his name). But not nearly as bad as when people call the SNES “Sness”. Man that sounds retarded! It’s SO hard for me to watch YouTube videos where people pronounce them these ways without saying something about it.

  11. Please, official sources often contradict each other. According to Pokemon Battle Revolution, “Arceus” is pronounced “Arse-ee-us” yet in the PokeDex 3D, it’s pronounced “Ar-kee-us”. And don’t get me started on how they pronounce “Caeda” in Fire Emblem Warriors.

  12. They are not saying “Ness” over “N-E-S” they are saying “Ness” over “Nez” and “Nees”. Apparently, people use those.

  13. This may be the facts, but it’s also a fact that Nintendo also referred the NES, as N.E.S in the not so distant past. I’ve said N.E.S, and Super N.E.S all my life. It’s a acronym, it makes sense. Maybe it’s a U.S.A thing.

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