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Pokemon GO: Niantic Says They Want To Launch PvP End Of 2018

One thing that Pokemon GO fans have been rallying for is the addition of proper PvP. In a recent interview with polish magazine Gram, Niantic’s Head of Product Marketing in the EMEA region, revealed the following information (the information was from Pokemon GO Hub and was translated using Google Translate, so isn’t 100 percent accurate) Here’s what was said by Anne Beuttenmüller:

“Now we are working on the PvP mode, which will soon appear. In addition, we’re still working on improving the feature that has just made its debut – it’s all about friends, such as the ability to exchange Pokemon in the game.

We’ve just introduced an improvement so you can add a note to your friend. The point is that you can have many people on your friends list and do not remember who is who. So you can add a comment to that person. You can also segregate your friends list.

We are constantly improving the elements that we have available in the game and the next thing that we want to add at the end of this year is the PvP mode.

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7 thoughts on “Pokemon GO: Niantic Says They Want To Launch PvP End Of 2018”

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  2. Maybe they should fix trading first… it doesn’t make any sense to make it so that the person who is trading away the Pokemon will get the candies when you usually want a Pokemon that you don’t have or want more of, meaning you want more candies of the Pokemon you are being traded. Also, it doesn’t make sense to trade Pokemon with good IVs or good CP if the mechanics of Lucky Pokemon or Changed IV from trading exists because if you trade a high CP Pokemon and it’s a Lucky Pokemon that doesn’t really benefit you and if you trade a high IV Pokemon its IVs might decrease. They are encouraging trading weak Pokemon (low IVs, low CP) for the most benefit which doesn’t make sense if it took us time and effort to get the Pokemon with good IVs, good CP. Fix trading, or at least make it possible to trade back Pokemon even if it means that you don’t get extra candies from it. It’d be amazing to be able to get your Lucky Pokemon back or Pokemon with increased IVs, although I understand this could be exploited.

  3. but pokemon Switch will be out and I will send all poke to the game from my phone so losing all poke on phone.
    So with what will I Pvp ?

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  5. Even though I loathe this franchise and want nothing more to do with it leave this game to people who actually know what to with it and what makes the franchise to people that actually play it “fun” having a company that doesn’t listen to people and is completely ignorant shouldn’t be at the helm of a App (not a game) that has a fan following “sometimes a really messed up fan following”

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