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Xenoblade Developer Monolith Soft Continues To Expand

The acclaimed studio behind the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise, Monolith Soft, is once again continuing to expand. This time they are recruiting business assistant staff at the mid-career level for the Tokyo studio, as reported by Reset Era member Momo. This can only be good news for fans of engrossing and lengthy JRPGs.


7 thoughts on “Xenoblade Developer Monolith Soft Continues To Expand”

  1. After the million selling Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Monolith Soft is coming on strong! I’m sure they’ll continue to expand their company.

    1. Unless Square Enix sold Xenogears to Nintendo or they are working with Monolith Soft to revive Xenogears & make sequels for Switch, the closest you are gonna get to Xenogears from Monolith Soft is Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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