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Square Enix: Octopath Traveler Has Exceeded Expectations And More Similar Switch Games To Come In Future

Square Enix is currently delighted with the response to the captivating Octopath Traveler. Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki is reporting that the company is planning similar games for the future on the platform. Regarding units sold, the company is especially pleased at sales in both North America and Europe and says that there is a higher-than-average ratio of download version vs physical.


18 thoughts on “Square Enix: Octopath Traveler Has Exceeded Expectations And More Similar Switch Games To Come In Future”

  1. I don’t want “similar” games! I want different games like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and so on. Or Switch exclusive AAA-games. 🙄

      1. I really was hoping they would announce the kh collections for switch. I don’t think they would be able to bring kh3 but I would love to have the collections

    1. I think “similar” games refers to more turn based rpgs. Like Dragon Quest 11 for example, which is coming to the Switch eventually. And we’ll probably see another Bravely game on the Switch too.
      Personally, I’m happy to hear it, because I’m not interested in anything else Square Enix does outside of their turn based rpgs.

    2. In my view this is the kind of stuff they’re talking about when they say “similar” games. I can’t promise you it’ll be exactly these titles (though Dragon Quest is already coming right?) but just expect to see Square bringing some more jRPGs to the Switch.

  2. Here are 2 games I would like to see.

    1: A game with at least 10 customizeable characters and a wide veriety of classes. Preferably the same classes as D&D sans Sorcerer and Warlock, but I wouldn’t mind it if they mixed it up and replaced Barbarian and Rogue with Pirate and Ninja respectivly.
    2: A game with pre-made characters you can ship like in Fire emblem. They don’t have to give them child units.

    But hey, I should just be content.

  3. Octopath is great but please no more similar games please. I feel like they’re gonna start pumping similar retro clones in the future at it gets old after awhile.

    1. “pumping similar retro clones ”

      What exactly Octopath a “retro clone” of? I keep seeing people say it’s just a copy/paste of SNES RPGs and I have to wonder, have they actually played both Octopath and SNES RPG’s? Other than turn based combat, which was universal in RPG’s for a long time, there aren’t really many similarities. You’re hard pressed to find *any* non-linear JRPG’s on SNES much less one that plays anything like Octopath.

    2. Well, I don’t think we are only gonna get Lost Sphere, Antique Carnivale and Octopath traveller type games from square.
      Maybe at some point, they might give the switch something really nice.

      My fingers are crossed though… 3rd parties have failed us way too often… It’s hard to trust what they say…
      Look at capcom for example, and the weak-ass support they are giving Nintendo

      1. Capcom’s support is better than EA’s “support.” Just two FIFA games from them while Capcom has released at least 5 games from different franchises. So their support isn’t that bad.

    1. Maybe if more turn based games did like Chrono Trigger & had the “Wait” and “Active” options to make it less turn based and more action RPG-y., I’d probably be able to get into it. Or maybe I’m mistaken & it’s less of an issue with turn based RPGs these days & more of a “just not feeling it” kind of feeling with certain games.

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