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Goku Voice Actor Says He Hasn’t Been Approached For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Rumours were swirling that there might be a possibility of Goku appearing in the latest Super Smash Bros title, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. However, those rumours have been shot down on Twitter as the English voice actor for Goku has confirmed to fans that he hasn’t been approached for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. That doesn’t mean it is one hundred per cent not happening, so we shall just have to wait and see.

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124 thoughts on “Goku Voice Actor Says He Hasn’t Been Approached For Super Smash Bros Ultimate”

    1. I’m all for peopel getting characters they want in the game, but Goku does not belong here. That’s what Shonen Jump Force is for.

    1. It will die once ProtonJon let’s Cory in the House DS dies, Superman 64 L.P. finishes and the Muppets Party Cruise theme song dies, so far Cory in the House died as he recently streamed the game so 1/3 ain’t bad.

      1. Completly different comment chain, but i was trying to reply to the comment where you were asking for a source for James bond being on the the original Smash 64. It was in one of those Did You Know gaming Videos, but they got the info wrong, James bond was actually one of the most requested characters in and old Smash Poll that was made before Melee released.

  1. I don’t think Goku would fit.. seeing as though he’s an anime character, not a video game character. Now Isaac on the other hand.. he’s a character we can all enjoy. From Golden Sun 1 and 2. :D

      1. I think that’s unnecessary. Mario or Luigi or Daisy wouldn’t be called action movie characters because they were in that one film.

    1. Probably kid Goku with his staff will be included (since he is the more popular variant) and then Waddle Dee will be an echo fighter of kid Goku.

  2. Well I’m not sure if his voice actor will get a chance to record his lines for the new game, but I’m still hoping for Sakurai can do Smash Ballot again so we can vote on the characters again and maybe a possibility of Goku to be in Smash Bros.

      1. Are there any laid out rules for characters to appear in Smash? Because I havenโ€™t heard of one. Why is Snake in Smash again? Their franchise literally released a game and excluded Nintendoโ€™s console recently.

        1. When there was the ballot for Smash 4 there wasn’t specified the character must have the origin of a videogame character and then people started to ask characters like Shrek, Goku ecc.

          Snake is a videogame character from MGS and this is totally fine but when you see people asking non-videogame characters is pretty absurd.

          Goku is a cool character but leave him in the Shonen Jump/ Anime universe. Smash is for videogame characters not for anime, movie, animated cartoon character.

          So stop asking Shrek, Goku, Donald Trump, Spiderman I have enough to see and hear people asking those character.

      2. So Snake, a character with one exclusive game, two overall games across all Nintendo consoles, despite the series having much more is fine?

        Wasnโ€™t Smash initially a game celebrating Nintendo characters? Then we have characters like Snake getting in. The conditions for these characters are always changing.

        1. But Snake is a videogame character not an anime character. While in this case it’s ok to put this videogame character, since he appeared on a Nintendo console, while other type of characters like anime, actors ecc aren’t allowed.

          Yes Smash was only a Nintendo crossover but then Nintendo decided to extend to other non-Nintendo games but appeared in one of their consoles

      3. @Xeno The creator of MGS who was at Konami, Kojima, had “begged” Sakurai to put Snake into Melee but it was too late in development to add any characters. Assumingly they pursued the idea in Brawl, all parties consented, and we got Snake.

        Around that time, Sakurai said that they could include popular characters who had appeared on Nintendo consoles, assuming all parties consented. That was pretty much the understood rule until Cloud Strife appeared. He sort of technically still qualified because I think he was in that FF music game… but obviously he’s known for FF7 which has never been on a Nintendo console. Also, I think that Belmont echo fighter has also never been on a nintendo system.
        Still though, it’s highly unlikely that they will go beyond video game characters. It would ultimately be more of a disservice rather than a service to fans. Plus Sakurai is pretty much the final judge and he’s definitely a man interested and focused on the video game industry and not so much the manga/anime industry.

        Side note, Kojima is not with Konami anymore. It seems like they even acknowledge that by replacing Snake’s symbol which was the Foxhound/Kojima productions logo with the exclamation point.

      4. Your argument is all fine and well, and I agree with you, manga characters SHOULD NOT appear in Smash (my own personal bias) but to be fair. Goku (or Dragon ball,Z,Budokai,tenkaichi,Butoden, Origins, ect) has appeared on a Nintendo console more times than Snake has. I would even bet, that Goku as a character has appeared on a Ninty console 5x more than Snake has. More than 30 DBZ games have been exclusive to a Nintendo platform compared to the 1 Metal Gear game we had that isnt even written by Kojima (GBC), and that remake on the GCN. Not only that, but theres been DBZ games since 1986, which beats the first Metal Gear game by an entire year, and up until 1993, every DBZ game (with the exception of the first) has launched exclusively to a Nintendo Console. It wasnt until Raging Blast that DBZ games started skipping Nintendo completely, at least the home console because the Mobile Ninty consoles got loved non stop. My point is, that Goku deserves a spot in Smash way more than that Solid Snake. Snake shouldve never even been on smash, it has no history with us, Goku on the other hand, does.

        heres a few of the Nintendo EXCLUSIVE DBZ games:

        Dragon Ball: Dragon Power (1986) NES
        Dragon Ball: Daimao (1988) NES
        Dragon Ball 3: Goku Den (1989) NES
        Dragon Ball Z: Fierce Attack (1990) NES
        Dragon Ball Z 2: Frieza the Planet Destroyer (1991) NES
        Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan (1992) SNES
        Dragon Ball Z 3: Hot Battle! Artificial Humans! (1992) SNES
        Dragon Ball Z: Gekito Tenkaichi Budokai (1992) SNES
        Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden (1993) SNES
        Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: (1993) NES
        Dragon Ball Z: Super Botoden 2 (1993) SNES
        Dragon Ball Z: Super Botoden 3 (1994) SNES
        Dragon Ball Z: Super Goku Den (1995) SNES

        and this isnt including the 20+ Nintendo exclusive hand held games that range from the Gameboy, to the 3DS.

        So why does Snake deserve a spot in smash much more than Goku does?

        1. And I repeat the same thing over and over. Snake is a videogame character while Goku is a manga/anime character. Even if there are so many DB games still DB is know as a manga/anime.

          Of course when there is a success on a series then there is always the game but you can’t deny that Goku is an anime character.

          Snake on the other hand is a videogame character and he was added in Brawl because Kojima, or his father, wanted to see this character in Smash. Personally I didn’t expect to see him in Smash after Brawl but he’s back.

          Look I like Goku I even played the beta of DragonBall FighterZ yesterday but adding Goku in Smash is wrong because if you start adding him then people wants a Shonen Jump Smash game with videogame characters and anime characters (like SSF2). No just no. Smash is a crossover fighting game from various videogame characters, while in the past was only a Nintendo crossover now it’s extended with characters from non-Nintendo series.

          This is Smash. A crossover of videogames series not a crossover of everything that has, at least, one videogame.

          1. As I said, I agree with you, Goku should NEVER come to Smash, but he does have a stronger history with Nintendo than Snake. Snake does NOT deserve to be in smash, my main argument isnt that Goku should be added, but that Snake SHOULDNT be. If Kojima added him than the whole Celebration of Nintendo characters and characters with a legacy on Nintendo platforms is out of the window and rules no longer apply. Again, I dont want to see Goku in smash, thats not my argument. And to be fair, DBZ has more than “one” Video game. They have multiple genres. From RPG’s, to Card games.

            1. Ok I understand your point about Snake in Smash. In real Metal Gear was born on the NES (I think) but it wasn’t so popular because the game wasn’t in 3D but Snake has appeared in multiple Nintendo consoles like the Nes, Gameboy color, Gamecube and 3DS and also the character is well known to people.

              To me seeing Snake back again it’s not a big deal since I played the original MGS when I was a kid but as I already said, Smash is a crossover videogames series fighting game and if a character is there well it means that the character is popular enough to be there.

              1. Actually, it was birth on the MSX. Later on ported to NES. So Nintendo isn’t even it’s place of origin. The MSX is also a Microsoft project, but since one of the manufacturers in Japan was Sony, it’s called the Sony MSX. Which is why Solid Snake has always been associated with Sony.

                Yeah I guess so, I hope things change though. They might too once Sakurai retires. Maybe then, Snake won’t be the only exception.

              1. Yeah, that’s true โ€” BUT. Look, I’m not in the Son Goku camp. I don’t necessarily want him in Smash, but my point was that plenty here say “Oh, if Goku is included in Smash there will be a floodgate and everything is going to be ruined!”. And I say again: Look at Soul Calibur. It didn’t become a bad game because of Darth Vader. It’s an real life example, that’s what I meant.

                1. Ok they added Darth Vader in Soul Calibur vut it happen only one time.

                  I’m a fan of Goku but just think him in ultra instinct mode be beated by that taunt of Jigglypuff. It’s absurd.

                  That’s why I don’t want to see him in Smash, not only he’s an anime character with very strong power but also I don’t to see Smash be a crossover of everything.

                  Smash is only a crossover of videogames series and I prefer to see this

                  1. Spawn was in the Xbox version of Soul Calibur II as well, so more than once actually :P

                    I find it absurd to see Fire Emblem characters and Snake to be beaten by Jigglypuff as well :P Have you’ve seen the Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children movie? You can see there how insanely strong Cloud is there.
                    But don’t you worry, Son Goku won’t appear. We can all relax

          According to that page, Solid Snake has been in at least 7 games on Nintendo systems before Brawl released; 8 when you count Super Bomberman R (which released on Switch) on Nintendo systems before Ultimate releases. It’s not nearly as many games with Goku on Nintendo systems but it’s enough. Meanwhile, Cloud has only been in 4 games on Nintendo systems. (Of course, Bayonetta will have only been in 3 once Bayo3 releases.) Ultimately, the number of games a character has appeared in is irrelevant as far as Sakurai is concerned. So why does Snake deserve a spot in Smash much more than Goku? Because video game origin trumps manga origin til Sakurai (or Nintendo) says otherwise.

          1. Oh trust me, I don’t advocate for cloud, or any 3rd party. Although I do main cloud, I still agree that he doesn’t deserve a spot. Hell, out of all of the 3rd party, Sony is the only one that should’ve even been considered. Well, this should be Sakurai’s last smash, and hopefully a new team takes over, maybe then, the rules will change again.

    1. James Bond was originally planned to be in Smash 64 and the motion sensor bomb was directly from the Goldeneye007 N64 game. Therefore, you are completely wrong. Anyone can be in Smash. Sakurai has stated that as long as both parties consent and the character has been in at least one or two games on Nintendo platforms, then it is doable.

    1. Don’t take me the wrong way. I don’t want Son Goku in Smash, but I find your sentiment so weird. Mario and Goku are both fictional characters, and have both been in movies, cartoons, comics and games. Their just something made up both of them. And then a bunch of people is like “Hey, Goku, you THAT kind of fictional character, you don’t belong here you anime swine. Go, get outta here!” when we talk about Smash. Almost like a discrimination mentality. (I’m not starting a anime-discrimination-topic here xD That’s just stupid). I even don’t like anime nor DBZ especially much. Oh, well… made up rules for made up characters xP

  3. Why is everyone against Goku so much? Just be happy when we get a character we want, don’t be mad when we get someone we don’t want.
    Just to be clear, I don’t expect (nor want) any anime characters in Smash personally. I’m more than happy with all the iconic video game characters we have so far. However, if Sakurai decides for WHATEVER REASON to add someone as batshit insane as Goku, nobody gets hurt. No reason to hate.

    1. Sakurai and some mangakas would probably get hurt. Putting Goku in would open the floodgates for overzealous fans to scream at each one “PUT ANIME CHARACTER X IN SMASH”
      And then it might extend to western comics. And then people start begging for the Avengers and Batman. And then Disney gets involved and they start begging for cartoon characters. And we end of with Chris Pratt being added to Smash Bros with Rick Sanchez as his echo fighter.

      1. Yeah, it’s good to draw the line. I was being facetious with that point but it’s still a valid point.
        Look no further than all the insane, passionate requests when it was just Nintendo characters. Now look at it now that 3rd party characters can get in. If they extended the pool of what characters could be in smash… well, that would end up being one toxic pool.

      2. So was Peach and Bowser. And they got in eventually because they had staying power as video game icons. James Bond wasn’t added later because… well… kind of a one-hit-wonder.
        Plus in all my years of looking up smash trivia I have never heard that James Bond was considered. I’m not saying you’re wrong or lying, mind you… It’s just news to me.

    2. I disagree and I think many others would as well, there would be a major reason to hate if Goku was added to Smash. Smash is a corner stone for many as a cross over of just game characters, for a long time, just a celebration of Nintendo (which I am all for 3rd party, but I think they really should focus more on the Nintendo aspect of the series, but thats a tangent for another time). You start throwing non-game characters into the mix and that really just starts to dilute the entire point of it. Why not just throw Goku in the next Zelda game, just because its “cool”? I guess the majority of Zelda fans would be alright with that right? Wouldn’t fuck with the vibe of the series at all.

      It also just doesn’t make any sense to do it entirely from a business perspective. That would be a licencing nightmare if they started throwing in non-game characters, especially from tv shows, when trying to localize the game in different regions. There is a reason that only the Original Generation Super Robot Wars games have ever gotten official releases outside of Japan.

      And on the whole argument about “JAMES BOND WAS GOING TO BE IN SMASH 64!!!!!”, I dont think many have thought this over very well. This could have more then likely just have been a passing comment or joke made during development that got taken out of context and there is also the possibility that Sakurai maybe wasn’t even fully aware of the origins of 007 originally and was only familiar with the Nintendo 64 game, plus if I am not mistaken, doesn’t the Japanese version use the Perfect Dark mine model instead? (maybe that was Melee) Regardless, that was the first game in the series anyway, so of course everything wasn’t completely thought through at the time, but all this time later, they have managed to carve out an identity for the series.

      If Nintendo ever wants to experiment with a cross over fighting game with Mario, Goku, Sora, Batman, Popeye, Mickey Mouse, Mr. Rodgers and Jesus, let that just be its own separate game franchise and keep Smash, for lack of a better word, “pure”.

    3. Cause we have standards. Smash is a celebration of gaming icons and history. Its about characters that have influenced their respected franchises and straight up the gaming industry as a whole. Its not a popularity contest alone or a mass media cross over game. Its Smash Brothers! You folks legit want to take a celebration of gaming’s history and icons and water it down to fan fiction or mugen. Its the lack of sophistication when ppl suggest utter nonsense that is so annoying. Its people’s personal fandom biasis for their faves vs what actually makes sense to retain smash brothers as smash brothers. Folks willing to drag it down because they want shrek or waliugi for smash.

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  5. I dont care if goku gets in or not, whats annoying is people in the comment section (and nintendo fans in general) making up rules.
    Someone please send me the interview where sakurai said “Only original video game characters are allowed” or that its a “celebration of video games series”….which isnt even how the series began lol
    Nintendo characters werent even originally planned to be the main cast.

    On top of that, even if someone does give me a quote from sakurai…
    You’re gonna tell me the man who said Ridley is too big HIMSELF, then adds ridley in 2018, doesnt go back on his word?

    What about when he said Smash Wii U will be his last and then goes on to Smash 5. Then states he will continue to do more if the demand is there.

    As far as I know, anything can happen.

    1. I wouldn’t know where to look but Sakurai has said that only characters that originated from video games can enter. Also only Nintendo characters.
      But, of course, that changed to any character that’s appeared on a Nintendo console.
      Then it’s kinda any fan favorite gaming icon or whoever can be made into an echo fighter. But I don’t see it breaching video games.

      Ridley is a good point but I almost wonder if you could argue that Ridley WAS too big up until recently when they started balancing the game and allowing the heavyweights to actually be much larger than other fighters.

      1. CFG, unless google translate sucks ass, he actually said “It is impossible to participate in manga characters”.
        Which doesnt really doesnt mean a flat out no. Could just mean getting the license would be a hassle.

        In the same response to the fan mail, he says both companies need to want it.
        Also, Keep in mind this message from sakurai is from 2007. A lot changed in 10+ years.

        And its probably never been said.
        Next closes thing is smash ballot where they said name a video game character. Which still isnt 100% saying no anime characters can EVER come.

        and ridley is smaller though so he probably wont be a heavy weight like bowser or king k rool.
        But i havent played so idk.

      2. Google translate is… not reliable. I’m inclined to say that the “Obviously no manga characters” attitude hasn’t changed since Smash Bros is about video games and Sakurai is about them as well. I think he may have even said once that he doesn’t get in to anime and manga much at all… but his interest in video games is pretty clear with his work and famitsu columns n such.

      3. You can be inclined but that doesnt mean its factual. Its facts when sakurai says no straight up in 2018.
        And yes, smash is about video games. Not about those who “originated” in video games.
        James Bond was planned and didnt make it due to licensing/realistic guns.

        and high entrance in games over anime isnt saying much. His criteria for adding new characters is basically “If i can make it work, It can happen”

      4. Again, he said “obviously no manga characters” so I don’t know where the confusion is. Or the reasoning why he and Nintendo would change their mind. There’s just zero evidence of it happening except for “Anything’s possible” gambit.

      5. That’s one good way to look at why Ridley never got in til now is that he really was too big because previous versions of the game on previous systems couldn’t handle it for whatever reason.

      6. Infinite Ridley, ridley being too big is not a good reason.
        He’s simply in because fans want it.

        Sakurai from 2014:
        I definitely know that Ridleyโ€™s a much-anticipated name for fans, but if we made Ridley as a fighter, it wouldnโ€™t be Ridley any longer,โ€ Sakurai told IGN in an email interview. โ€œItโ€™d have to be shrunk down, or its wings reduced in size, or be unable to fly around freely.โ€

        Literally goes against what sakurai himself said.
        Its ridley but not ridley.

      1. Rules help things series representation stay balanced and fair.

        Throw out rules, and you get “Super Smash Popular/Flea Market”.

      2. I’ll just say it plainly: Anyone with any sense knows that Smash would never branch out to include manga/anime characters. Anyone with the slightest eye for game design knows that this is not the intention or direction the series would be inclined towards… especially after Smash 4.

        1. Three per company:

          -SEGA: Sonic, Bayonetta, ? (NiGHTS)
          -Capcom: Mega Man, Ryu, ?
          -Namco: Pac-Man, ? (Klonoa), ?
          -Konami: Snake, Simon/Ritcher, ?
          -Other: Cloud, ? (Banjo?), ? (Rayman?)

          Basically anyone from an unrepped company can fall under “Other”, so long as they’re not from the same series.

  6. Stop talking about putting Goku in Smash so we can focus on more important things. Like putting Chuck Norris in Smash.

  7. Future Direct:

    “In the past, getting into Super Smash Bros. meant the character had to originate from a video game.


    We’ve decided to make ONE exception. Take a look.”


    In all seriousness, I don’t actually see this happening, and I’m neutral to Goku being in Smash. Don’t want him, but wouldn’t complain if he was in.

  8. Being a Nintendo fan meant abiding by a set of rules, for everything. It use to mean that when Ninty said something, Ninty meant something.


    Now adays, all those rules have been thrown out the window. From having an MS IP as one of their bigger games, to playing Nice with everyone and doing Cross Play. Hell, even seeing Ninty IP’s on a different console (mobile.) To say that Goku will NEVER have a slot in smash, is more than silly, because the Nintendo of today is no longer the Nintendo of yesteryear.

    1. Well when Goku gets in, prepare for people asking for shit like Shrek & Powerpuff Girls to get worse. Hell! It won’t stop there. It’s only a matter of time before a lot of people ask for stuff like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Batman, Spider-Man, Chucky, Gizmo (Gremlins), Naruto, Inuyasha, so on & so forth.

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