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Rocket League Cross-Platform Parties Coming September

Rocket League developer Psyonix has confirmed that the long-awaited Cross-Platform Parties feature will be arriving in September. The development team detailed their latest roadmap for the popular title and you can can read what they are putting in place for the game. The August update will come at the end of the month and presumably the September update, if it’s on schedule, will arrive at the end of that particular month.

“First, the most pressing news: we are still putting the finishing touches on RocketID — better known as Cross-Platform Parties — by making sure that it lives up to our standards and yours. With that in mind, we have decided to target RocketID for September (pending first-party certification) instead of this month as we had originally planned. It was a tough decision to make, yes, but our focus on quality — even at the expense of our schedule — is in place so that we can provide you with the excellent play experience that you deserve.

Though RocketID has been pushed out to the update after next, we’re still on track to deliver the “August Update,” as it’s called for now, by the end of the month. The August Update includes a big change to progression, which updates what happens when you gain levels in Rocket League along with major tuning related to how frequently that happens. Our intent is to make gaining levels desirable, achievable, and rewarding.”



  1. “But our focus on quality — even at the expense of our schedule — is in place so that we can provide you with the excellent play experience that you deserve.” Fucking lying hypocrites!!! From all the games I own on Nintendo Switch this is BY FAR the most broken, bugged, glitchy piece of crap software! Every update is pure gamble. It might be less buggy or more buggy after the patch. With the last patch the game got MORE buggy again! The game crashed at least 10 times the first 48 hours after the update (I stopped counting afterwards). And glitches that were fixed before, reappeared! They don’t give a shit for quality! All they care for is to make new loot boxes so they can harvest the pocket money of little kids! (They only dispatch an update when they release a new loot box, they never update just for bugfixes).


    1. Yeah it did kinda seem like old bugs came back and my game crashes and/or fails to save its data quite frequently these days.


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