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More DOOM Eternal Information

DOOM Eternal was announced for the Nintendo Switch yesterday evening and it caught some Nintendo Switch fans off guard. Some had presumed that the title might not arrive on the system, but thankfully, that is not the case. Reset Era member Agent Strange has rounded up information about the game and you can read his findings below.

  • New suit
  • The suit has a sword attachment and a grenade launcher/flamethrower attachment
  • Super Shotgun has a grappling hook attachment called the Meat Hook
  • Grapple demons like Scorpion but accelerate towards them versus pulling them to you
  • Combat Shotgun has a full automatic alt fire mode
  • New weapon, the Ballista, shoots explosive bolts that can pin demons
  • OG style Plasma Gun is back
  • DOOM SLAYER has a dash and can swing from poles a la Assassin’s Creed
  • Extra life pickups?
  • Invasions, take control of a demon and invade another player’s game a la Dark Souls
  • Non-demonized human npcs will be present
  • Multiple locations, Earth and Phobos to name two
  • New glory kills and demons
  • Reimagined demons from the last game and from Classic Doom
  • “Destructible demons” – demons will visually start losing bits of flesh and stuff as they take damage
  • idSoft are building a “DOOM universe”
  • Lots of lore
  • Game runs on idTech 7


21 thoughts on “More DOOM Eternal Information”

    1. Any engine can run on switch all engine means is MIDDLEWARE EA abd all nintebdo haters and industryy hypemen will say endless lies about nintendo switch is trye dx12 vulkan level hardware its newer better than ps4

  1. Playing the last one in handheld mode was awesome. Really hope this is just as good. The 3ds lacked any shooters, so good to see this on a portable.

  2. I’m really happy to see that Id Tech 7 actually has full support for the Nintendo Switch this time round rather than Panic Button having to customize the engine to run on Switch. Hopefully this means better frames and a stable resolution.

    I don’t mind if they manage to get 720p on both docked and handheld mode at 60fps (mainly thanks to Nintendo optimizing the system better for devs), just so long as they don’t make me feel a bit sick after playing as DOOM on Switch made me feel dizzy from the constantly shifting frame rate and resolution.

    1. If the ID Tech 7 engine doesn’t work, then Panic Button could use the engine that they made Doom 2016 for Switch on.

      1. Actually, it’s very possible now since the game wasn’t Custom Made for the Switch and is Natively supporting the Switch this time around. So really, in the end, the engine has built in optimization for the Switch which could very well mean 60fps at 720p.

        Remember, engines can do wonderful things even on weaker hardware, case and point Unreal Engine 4.

    1. It’s an older game using an older engine that wasn’t made with the Switch in mind. From what I’ve heard, even systems a lot stronger than Switch were having issues with the game. Plus Doom Eternal isn’t due out til 2019 & is still in the middle of development and 2K is already working on WWE 2k19 now & is just around the corner to be released; they usually release the game in late Fall/early Winter. Or did you mean to say 2k19?

  3. Some people say DOOM 2016 running on Switch isn’t impressive and can run on anything, if it can then I would like someone port it to iOS and Android and only then will it not be impressive so until then they should just sit down and be quiet.

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