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Video: Check Out The Accolades Trailer For WarioWare Gold

The latest promo for WarioWare Gold highlights some of the positive things critics had to say about the recently-released Nintendo 3DS game. You can check out the official accolades trailer in the video below. WarioWare Gold consists of 300 different microgames that use the handheld’s touch screen, tilt controls, button inputs and mic system. It features fully-voiced stories with new and classic characters alike.

1 thought on “Video: Check Out The Accolades Trailer For WarioWare Gold”

  1. I just checked out this game. It’s fun for a little while, but not very long. I completed the story in half an hour, and already have all the challenge modes. The microgames are fun, and the bonus content is fun, but it’s too dependant on it’s short storyline. However, those movies are very entertaining. It’s sad when you get them all, you don’t want them to end. I’d say I rate this game a 6/10, and Colette basically covered everything.

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