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US: A Number Of Big First Party Nintendo Switch Games On Sale For $45

If you are a proud owner of a Nintendo Switch system and live in the USA then there’s some rather nice deals to be had today for first party titles on the system. Games that are on sale include the wonderful Super Mario Odyssey and the breath-taking The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.



21 thoughts on “US: A Number Of Big First Party Nintendo Switch Games On Sale For $45”

      1. You’re right about steak. I’d say strip steak, not sirloin. Their games hold value even after a console is finished. New Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo DS is still around $25-30. Some others are beyond bank breakers too. Type in some of your favorite Nintendo classics and see how much they are being sold. Super Mario Bros. on the original NES is pretty damn pricey.

        You’re right about the rest of them. Microsoft a little more than Sony, but dollar burgers is probably a fair comparison.

        1. Or it’s just pure, unadulterated greed from Nintendo. Plenty of games hold their value & aren’t inferior or a dollar burger compared to Nintendo games. All depends on who you ask, really.

      2. I think the point is not what anyone else thinks of their games but that Nintendo themselves have pride in their own software that they don’t want it to be virtually given away at cheap prices.

    1. They do, if they sell the same as other console games. Example: sticker star went to $5 in a couple of months. Most Nintendo games sell well even after a couple years of shelf life, while a lot of the other console games kinda get forgotten or obsolete do to sequels

      1. Not enough though iseh? My mate got Doom and the last guardian (which he got rid of after I finished it coz it was total trash) for like £18 each after like a month of them coming out at full price… You will never need Mario Odyssey come below £30 in years after its release lol paper Mario thousand year door is still anywhere from £50-£750 sooo???

    2. The short answer is that Nintendo doesn’t want you to know that you can just wait for a sale. My usual long winded answer:

      I worked through college at a Borders bookstore, right up until they went out of business. Once a week or so, they would send out a 30% off coupon for one book (it just so happened that was their profit margin on books, so basically it cost them money in overhead to sell that book). The idea was that people would come in the store and buy other things. But since they knew a new coupon was coming all the time, they’d just buy one book and wait for the next. Borders would try and go a few weeks without it, sell literally nothing, freak out, and send out a 40% off coupon. Basically, they devalued their product and trained their customers to only buy things on sale. The majority of their sales were costing them money.

      Look at the video game industry. With digital sales, especially Steam and mobile, they eliminated the retail overhead and cost of manufacturing, so they can slash prices to nothing. The cost of gaming has been incredibly devalued by this at a time when cost of development has skyrocketed. Basically, Nintendo has fought tooth and nail to keep this from happening, which is impressive considering how poorly they did last gen. By staying one gen behind in graphic tech (keeping art assets cheaper to make) and maintaining their products value, they need to sell less to recoup their investments, take more risks, produce more niche titles, etc. It’s one of the things that lets Nintendo keep it’s soul compared to other AAA’s.

  1. I mean as a consumer I kinda hate it as I really like cheap games obviously. However looking at it towards the PS and Xbox. Why should I buy the new release at 60? When in 4 months itll probably be 30 or lower or if I’m a generation behind its tremendously cheaper. With $1-5 per game. Ever for AAA titles

    1. Because we are programmed to want (NEED) the newest things immediately… movies, music, games… I have this conversation often and a sort of capitalistic, or rather, consumeristic programming has to be to blame. Or that is some sort of natual thing humans gleen onto.

    1. I may be the only gamer who thinks devs need to stop devaluing their games with massive sales. I can’t be the only one who has like 400 games on their Steam wishlist and just picks them up when they get their prices slashed a year later during a summer sale or something.

      The cost of development just keeps going up and publishers take less and less risks. More sequels, more of the same crap, more freemium bull, and less of the creativity we seem to only get from Nintendo. Splatoon, Arms, Labo, 1-2 Switch are all risky ventures that most AAA’s wouldn’t be able to afford to make.

  2. Even this is too expensive for me and my completely empty wallet. Fortunately I already own 3 of these 4 games. And Breath Of The Wild is the only game I felt was worth the $60 that I originally paid. I only wish masterpieces like that came along more often. Because I’m not getting any younger.

  3. This is neat and all but I really wish they were $35. Buying Nintendo games at a reasonable price is such a pain. Nintendo never wants to drop the price of their games and its really annoying.

      1. I’ve never thought of the Nintendo Selects cover art issue. I think I’ve always ended up with the games I want before they hit that point, but now I’m going to be annoyed about it every time I see one in store. That should definitely just be a sticker over the shrink wrap.

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