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Diablo III Is Heading To Nintendo Switch Later This Year

It seems that Forbes has made the mistake that no one wants to make and has announced a game earlier than intended. Kotaku reports that Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch was meant to be announced tomorrow, but Forbes pressed the publish button a little too early. The classic title will be coming to the Nintendo Switch asย Diablo III Eternal Collection. It includes the original game along with its expansions and downloadable content as one complete package. Nintendo Switch owners will also get a special armour which will make you look like Ganondorf fromย The Legend of Zelda franchise.ย Diablo III Eternal Collection has no set release date but is scheduled for later this year. It will cost $59.99.

“The Switch version will also let you play multiplayer in a number of different configurations, from four-player local co-op on the same machine, to four-player co-op on separate Switches without an internet connection, to fully online co-op, to having some players local and others connected over the internet.”



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48 thoughts on “Diablo III Is Heading To Nintendo Switch Later This Year”

      1. Does every moron like you assume that everyone who’s buying it is a clueless moron that’s getting screwed over? Yeah,we get it,it’s 60 bucks,but who gives a shit? I’m still getting it.

    1. So you bought the worst game on whole app, 3 times Waw, that’s insane.
      It’s a dead game, Blizzard doesn’t even try, they could bring overwatch or Starcraft for console but instead you get a PS3 port.

      No wonder these companies still exist, it’s because if people like you.

  1. Cool. As expected E3 wasn’t everything coming this year and it’s been proved with several announcements recently.

  2. Meh, more a world of warcraft or Starcaft 2 gamer. Finished Diablo but didn’t like the game much.
    Anyways this is good news and maybe open doors for more, please ?

    Love this website and love you guys.

  3. Was about to replay this with a new class just cuz, I kinda like the vibes it gives especially with Halloween fast approaching.. I guess Iโ€™m gonna wait for the Switch version and start my Diablo life all over again! I wonder when it comes out?

      1. The reason behind the pricing is guys like you defending and fanboying a company ( blizzard ) with a history of pure greed. Wow mounts, gold store, loot boxes overwatch, real money auction house Diablo 3, Starcraft. block online unless you buy the latest expansion.

        Keep enabling bro, we need more people like you

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  5. When you want to play as Ganondorf in The Legend of Zelda but you can’t. So Blizzard came and says “Hey leave this to us!”

    If they have done exclusive content for Diablo on the Switch I don’t know what Jeff Kaplan will think if he will try to bring Overwatch to the Switch. If this happens I want those sprays

  6. Just Activision getting a quick cash grab with an old game rebranded for 60 bucks and fools gonna buy same shit again.


    1. Yes it’s Activision, maybe you don’t realize, but Blizzard North ( real devs of Diablo ) is long gone. It’s now Activision milking out the blizzard brands. That’s why Diablo 3 is worst game ever

  7. YeeeY we get the worst game Blizzard ever produced, nobody likes it. It’s dead on Pc. Getting a quick coin grab from the man children and new borns ๐Ÿ˜‚

      1. It is. Wow, SC2 and Overwatch is goodie everyone knows that. Diablo 3 is dead on PC, you must be new here, born yesterday ? Clearly not a Blizzard fan if you think D3 is good. Every blizzard fan agrees. Worst game on the app.

        It’s just a PS3 easy save port for Activision. Amazed people like you exist.

        1. They’re both good games. See unlike you,I actually enjoy games instead of criticizing them just because they’re on a another system.

  8. Like others have said, this could pave the way for modern relations between Blizzard and Overwatch. This would be the first Blizzard game since Lost Vikings (aka the predecessor to Hearthstone), so we may possibly get more in the future like Overwatch, WoW, or Hearthstone. Gamescom is next week, so who knows?

      1. Aren’t you the guy sucking off Splatoon 2 for so long ? Now suddenly he is exited about overwatch. You sir sure loves shitty games. that’s for sure.

    1. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ It’s the same. gameplay bruh. It’s the same since release, I know I played them all on all difficulty.

      1. you could not be more far off. the game is completely different than it was when it launched in 2012. That being said, so excited to play this on the go

      2. I had no issues with the gameplay, it was what I expected from a Diablo game.
        I was referring more of the shit they pulled with auction house, and how the game was designed to revolve around it..

  9. Why everyone hate 60price? In mine country in n64 times, n64 games price is 5000sk (170eur) for Only one game. In this optic, 60 eur is very good price for AAA game.

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