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Blizzard Senior Producer Pete Stilwell Says That He’d “Love To Have Diablo” Be A Playable Guest Character In Smash Ultimate

Game Informer recently talked to some folks at Blizzard about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Diablo 3 was recently announced for the Switch, but this interview took around the time that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct took place. So, Game Informer asked Blizzard what guest character they’d want to be playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Pete Stilwell, Blizzard’s senior producer, said that “personally, yeah, I’d love to have Diablo. That to me is the immediate one. Then if we had over time, eventually the heroes, go through all of them…or you could go really awesome and only have Deckard Cain.” Joshua Wittge, Blizzard’s PR manager, replied by saying that “he could just whack them with the cane or put them to sleep”. Stilwell suggested another possible move, where Diablo “puts them to sleep and just slowly drags them to the edge and drops them off. Like really sinister Deckard Cain”.


47 thoughts on “Blizzard Senior Producer Pete Stilwell Says That He’d “Love To Have Diablo” Be A Playable Guest Character In Smash Ultimate”

      1. But is only one game from Blizzard the company, they have not supported Nintendo for years, unlike Bethesda who is going all the way, if Doomguy shows up in smash we would all understand given the strong relationship Nintendo and they have, these guys don’t even think about bringing Overwatch to the Switch seriously, just a maybe, so they can go fuck off.

        1. And if they bring Overwatch with 2 exclusive skins?

          Look I’m happy to see so much support from Bethesda (idsoftware and panic button for the ports) and Ubisoft but Blizzard is also a well known company.

          Of course they didn’t support Nintendo for years but hey they have started to bring Diablo III. Who knows if they will show OW on Switch later this year.

          I’m happy to see all of those support and if it is possible I’ll probably want to see Doom Slayer and Tracer in Smash but this is too much and it’s a dream.

          For now Blizzard is giving this support.

          Switch showed to the entire world that the console isn’t weak at all

      2. Strange you are Nintendo order whatever, you sure don’t understand Nintendo if you keep white knighting Activision/blizzard.
        It’s kinda toxic casino gaming company and doesn’t share in the slightest the same philosophy like Nintendo.

        Blizzard is cancer and destroys lives, only blizzard wins, you can’t win a Blizzard game unlike Nintendo.

        Stop defending this shit or you can leave your Nintendo order badge here on the table and gtfo !

        1. We are talking about Blizzard not Nintendo and yes they have different ideas when they make games.

          While Nintendo is more family oriented Blizzard is now oriented to people who plays most games on PC.

          I have played some of their games like WC1,WC2,WC3, SC1, SC2 and Overwatch and I really enjoyed to play those games. Of course in Overwatch of you play competitive there is people who plays only for win and if you lose they starts to rage and be toxic. Be a toxic player is not a problem of Blizzard but it’s the people who plays those games 8-9 hours a day or plays only for money and not enjoying thegame itself.

          If you talk also about lootboxes then you don’t need to buy those things. Just play the game and get the lootbox just as I did 2 years ago.

          Just because I defend a company which I loved some of their games doesn’t mean I have to leave the NFO

    1. Indeed, worst game on and just a quick cash grab from PS3 port.
      No Okami in Smash, yet they gonna but some boring hard metal dude in it, who the hell cares ?
      Diablo 3 is dead on Pc, nobody cares.

      Such a weird old game, why not hearthstone or Heroes of the storm, overwatch or HD Starcraft 1 ???
      2 richest game companies and that’s all they can deliver, pathetic. And now some lame figure in smash nobody has emotional connection with just pure marketing for scummy Activision. Fuck off. At least do Crash bandicoot fucking morons.

    1. Yeah that sounds more feasible and would actually be kinda cool. Wouldnโ€™t it be cool if 2 assist trophies were on screen at the same time that they could fight each other? Seeing Dracula fighting Diablo among all the other carnage would be pretty fun lol

    1. I could actually see that happening. Of course there would be no blood, but quite a collection of range based special moves. And a chainsaw of course.

  1. Pete Stilwell can F!@K off with this BS, these are the same douchebags that constantly told everyone the Switch wasn’t powerful enough to run their damn cash grab games. Now that the Overwatch hype is pretty much dead and all of the casual whales moved onto Fortnite now these greedy bastards at Blizzard want to jump on the Nintendo’s nuts! I don’t ever want to see any corny ass Blizzard character in ANY Nintendo crossover, F!@# this guy and Blizzard!

    1. It’s true that some people moved from other games to Fortnite but those days Fortnite was unplayable and I’m playing near my modem router and still I see lags and some crazy stuff.

      I had to remove it and play another online game.

      By the way Overwatch isn’t dead at all there is still people playing it and to me OW should have more stages.

      The last character they announce didn’t get my attention. What was his name? Hamtaro?

    2. @Malbhet oh boy I’m I happy we still have people like you here as Nintendo fan.
      You get it unlike some of these so called Nintendo Order fanboys, what a joke defending this cancer company.
      You must be new to gaming if your think Blizzard is magic like Nintendo.

      Scum-cash grab-casino, drop rate and gambling Las Vegas games repacked in lord of the rings style with nice art.

    1. Lol do you really believe Sakurai decide ??? wtf bro. If the manager comes along and says blizzard figure has to be in for marketing he has no choice.

      Everyone voted years ago for a new char in Wii U smash, guess what they cheated and told us everyone voted Bayonetta, yeah … right just when the new Bayonetta arrived. It was BS and Bayonetta was done for marketing. Nobody voted for her. Sakurai doesn’t have that much say.

      1. Are you telling me that people voted for Bayonetta over this guest character that your talking about?. Dude Sakurai decides if he wants the character in the series. His team will decide.

    1. We do control by not buying the game and let I die if they turn it into crap. So stop telling other customers we are forced to buy and swallow your crap, thanks

    1. We already have enough Monsters into smash, we don’t need a trophy figure from every port ever released in Switch, it’s time to stop.

      Guess what … Smash Ultimate is finished get over it.

  2. I get that Diablo 3 is disapointing to a lot, and that (from what I hear) Blizzard isn’t the best company but, a Diablo rep seems somewhat diserving. Diablo 1 and 2 both revolutionized the dungeon crawler genre, and Diablo 2 is still considered the best dungeon crawler by many to this day.

    I really just don’t get why they would pick Diablo as the rep. I could see the paladin from the first game being the rep with Diablo being a boss or simply a trophy.

  3. I believe there are other third party characters more likely (and deserving) of roster spots in Ultimate. Rayman comes to mind immediately and his chances have never been higher thanks to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

  4. Andrew Joseph Curran

    Adding Diablo now would be a bit ahead of the situation. The franchise has to grace the platform more in the future and the character has to strike a chord with Nintendo gamers.

  5. This shit again?

    Another “I’d love to see [IP-owned by company character] in Smash”. Didn’t we get 9 of these things in 2015

    Tails – IGN (requested)
    Shovel Knight – Yacht Club Games
    Banjo-Kazooie – Phil Spencer/Microsoft
    Commando Video (Bit.Trip) – Gaijin/Aksys Games
    Quote – Studio Pixel
    Gunvolt – Inti Creates
    Shantae – WayForward
    Meatboy – Team Meat
    Artix (AdventureQuest) – Artix Entertainment, LLC

  6. I’m seeing a lot of outrage over a hypothetical question that received a joking around answer.

    Anyways, I personally would like to see WarioWare’s Kat and Anna for Smash Bros. They could be like the Ice Climbers, but ninjas!

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