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Diablo 3 On Nintendo Switch Runs At 60fps, Handheld Is 720p And Docked Is 960p

Details regarding the resolution of Diablo 3 have been announced as well as the all-important frame-rate. Regardless of how you play the game it runs at a buttery smooth 60fps, but there’s a slight difference when it comes to resolution. When you are playing in handheld it displays at 720p and when you play in docked mode it is 960p.


17 thoughts on “Diablo 3 On Nintendo Switch Runs At 60fps, Handheld Is 720p And Docked Is 960p”

      1. But the PS4 version is a PS3 port like Skyirm did, or do you really believe Switch tiny hardware cooling can handle PS4 game ?

        It’s PS3 cash grab, no need to get mad.

        Source; Google it.

  1. How indoctrinated do you have to be to think you can’t enjoy anything but the latest games. Time isn’t even a metric for enjoyability. I had a hell of a better time with past consoles than today’s. They aren’t automatically more enjoyable just because they’re more powerful. Look more realistic? Sure you can say that, but enjoy more? That’s subjective.

    1. Could I just point out you might have enjoyed games better before because you were younger? XP I’m just kidding, but still. I also do remember things in general to be more enjoyable while I was younger. But games of today do have their own weaknesses ofc.

    2. That’s not the point, it’s because you can already play D3 on any regular windows laptop these days for FREE !

      And nobody plays it anymore, because it wasn’t that great.

      If you pre order World of warcraft special edition now on, they don’t even give anything anymore for D3 game.
      Only for Hearthstone, Heroes of the storm and overwatch, the games people play, since D3 was a let down, compared to D2.

      They don’t give anything anymore for D3 because they can’t sell pre orders with extra’s nobody has use for.
      In other words Blizzard thinks Nintendo gamers are morons you can milk out after seeing fools buying Skyirm again to play the first 45 min.

      Source; Google it.

  2. I play Only in handheld mode and 60fps 720p sound good for me :) yes price is high but diablo 3 dont run good after first release. Now blizzard release definitive diablo 3 with all dlc. For me (first time play diablo 3) is this release optimal for full patched and complete release.

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