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Nintendo Silently Introduces Anti-Cheat Measures To Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is proving to be as popular as ever with new and existing Nintendo Switch owners, but like most online multiplayer games, it has fallen prey to cheating. Oatmeal Dome, via Khangaroo from the Splatoon Modding Hub, is reporting that Nintendo has introduced new integrity checks in the game since they released Version 3.1.0. The site reports that bans are applied one day after you have been flagged by the system.


Thanks to Alice for the news tip!

25 thoughts on “Nintendo Silently Introduces Anti-Cheat Measures To Splatoon 2”

    1. Maybe if Iwata still was President. I don’t think we gonna see servers on Splatoon 3.
      Forget 2 since they have to redesign the game net code and whatever.

      Iwata really cared about Splatoon 1 tick rate and input lag. The new guy just gonna milk out the name and artists.
      They don’t seem to care about listen to customers like Epic games.
      The intro should already be skippable if Splatoon was in Epic games hands.

      Oh well, we will see you never know.

      1. Because for a shooter. The tick rate and fps matter…

        Dedicated servers won’t fix a thing. If the tick rate was 30, I’d be much happier. But it’s not

      2. +JakePauler Hey, if you want people to believe what you’re telling them, you gotta back up your words. Otherwise, your words will just come off as exactly that, just words.

      3. You do realize this is a Nintendo news site not wikipedia or some Political debate ?

        I don’t have to source or backup anything. It’s not political or propaganda I don’t see the point in lying about lag … ?
        Google it, if you are interested in it, you spend your time.

        Why do I have to proof I’m not lying to you, I don’t know you. I’m not interested in relationship or intercourse with you.
        Look it up yourself lazy ass, you just don’t care, that’s why you don’t google it yourself.

        I’m not here for approval seeking and fishing likes, it’s not your work to like me, it’s mine.

        Go make me a sandwich, maybe I’ll google it then. Peace

      4. @Jake.06 “P2P doesn’t work well with shooters. Servers are much better.”

        You have a source for that ? Or is this just an opinion your repeat from other sites ?
        Please link me the full article with scientific proof and thesis why servers are better for Shooters.

        You seem to claim that, but where are the sources ?

      5. +JakePauler
        We never asked for your opinion but if you still want to share it, at least backup your words. When you come out with the lazy “Just Google it”, you’re basically just showing you can’t backup your words and use that as a cop-out. You can’t come here running your mouth without providing evidence and expect people to take your word for it, and obviously you care if we believe you or not because if you didn’t, you’d have said nothing.
        Also, your attitude is disgusting, learn some etiquette will you?

      6. How long are you gonna rant about my source for tick rate, this is not an newspaper I don’t need sources.
        I comment and you deal with it. You wanna know if it’s a fact ? Guess what, Google it !

      7. Why should we “Google it” when you’re the 1 that’s making the claim? If you want people to believe you then you gotta back up your words, passing the book and being lazy only makes you look dumb.
        You don’t want to back it up? Alright, then as far as I’m concerned your words are exactly that, just words and should be ignored.

      8. To be honest, you’re acting like a ‘know it all’s which gets you no where…..or you’re just a troll who will reply to me by saying something about how you’re right and I’m wrong.

      9. You aren’t able to skip the intro because it is a clever way of housing a loading screen. Instead of staring at a loading screen, we get some dialogue and info about the current ongoings in game while it loads everything behind the scenes.

    2. Splatoon isn’t battlefield Large player base game, it’s only 4 vs 4.
      So can you link me the right sources ?

      here is my source about tick rate when Iwata was the President and did interview with Iwata ask.
      Some dude made special a website about it.

      Waaaaw,suprise, surprise


      Ohh nooo now you and other trolls here can’t report me anymore or gaslight and call me a troll and have to admit …
      the facts can’t match the fanboy censoring.

      Shit guys JakePauler is for real, what now ?

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