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US: Amazon Drops Prime Pre-order Discount And Gives $10 Credit On Certain Games

Amazon US has confirmed today that it is dropping its lucrative 20% discount on pre-ordered video games. The company says this will take place from 28th August. The company does say that they will be giving $10 Amazon credit for select game preorders. Twitch Prime, also owned by Amazon, has also announced that new members won’t be entitled to ad-free viewing. However it says that users can get ad-free viewing on a channel by using your Twitch Prime sub, if the creator has this enabled.

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33 thoughts on “US: Amazon Drops Prime Pre-order Discount And Gives $10 Credit On Certain Games”

  1. Yeah thanks everybody for supporting this mafia company, now they have full monopoly and all the little guys are gone they gonna pump up the prices. Or did you forgot how these (((people))) think in the long term to grab you by the b.

  2. They’really basically stripping features whIle raising costs. Sorry – no deal. I’ll just buy games at the store if I’m paying full price.

  3. Amazon is a Trillion dollar company, there is literally no reason to strip like this to save costs besides the rich being greedy. They should at least raise the wages of their underpaid workers with the extra money they’ll be making from this.

    1. It’s not just Amazon. Best Buy is dropping their gamer’s thingy & GameStop is dropping their Elite Pro. (I keep getting my Elite Pro benefits til my membership expires next year since I already paid for it. I honestly should have tried to extend it by another year (if they allowed it) back when I had the chance.) So another reason they are dropping it is because the competition is. (Or maybe there is something bigger going on behind the scenes? CONSPIRACY THEORY IMMINENT!!! DUN DUN DUNNN!!! lol)

  4. I was afraid something like this would happen after Best Buy dropped their Gamer’s Club stuff, so I’m not terribly surprised. I am disappointed however. I’ll probably still get select physical games from Best Buy, but for the most part I’ll be going back to digital once all my perks run out unless someone else steps up to offer a better deal that kicks these companies back into trying to get customers.

    1. Nah, they started this to compete with Best Buy’s GCU. Best Buy did it to drive traffic into their store/website and Amazon did it because they don’t want people shopping anywhere but Amazon. 20% is a retailers profit on a video game sale, so both companies were giving games away for free. Best Buy just killed off their program a couple months ago, probably because they weren’t getting enough upsales/cross sales, and now Amazon is following suite. No one wants to give away their profit margin if they don’t have to.

  5. So will they charge me $52 for monster Hunter on day of release or $64 because this starts on August 28 when generations ultimate comes out???

  6. If someone paid for a year’s worth of Prime, do they get to keep the 20% off til that year expires? If not, that will be the real crime here! GameStop is at least letting those that paid for Elite Pro keep their benefits til the year they paid for expires. (My Elite Pro doesn’t expire for quite some time since I only got it like 2-3 months ago.)

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