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Grandia And Grandia II HD Remasters Coming To Nintendo Switch

The legendary JRPG series Grandia is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Owners of the system will be able to play the original Grandia and Grandia 2 both in HD. Both games are scheduled to be released on the platform this winter. Grandia HD Remaster will also be coming to PC platform Steam.


18 thoughts on “Grandia And Grandia II HD Remasters Coming To Nintendo Switch”

  1. Sweet now i get to play this game since I never got the chance to play it originally and I’m getting the portable version and I’m feeling generous I will get the pc version which knowing me I most likely will.

  2. And i had just commented on the Sega ages article that they should bring Grandia 2… and now we are getting both in HD!!! Very, very nice!!!

  3. I think I might have heard the name Grandia here and there,but I know nothing about those games,but hey I’ll always down for some classic RPG,I’m getting this

  4. Definitely buying this day one with ZERO hesitation. I wish Grandia Extreme and Grandia 3 were included or at the very least releases as a second Grandia collection. I love this franchise and thought I would never get another chance to play them again.

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