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A Hat In Time Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

A Hat In Time is a “cute-as-heck 3D platformer featuring a little girl who stitches hats for wicked powers. Freely explore giant worlds and recover Time Pieces to travel to new heights”. You may recall that, a few months ago, developer Gears For Breakfast said that the game would not be coming to the Switch. Well Gears For Breakfast has announced in a trailer that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch “soon”. Here’s the trailer:


59 thoughts on “A Hat In Time Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch”

      1. It’s not just about portability. Not everyone has a gaming PC, especially when the default controller is the keyboard, and when there are CPU lags/overheats and viruses to worry about.

  1. This is why when we hear “it can’t run on” or “it’s not coming” to Switch we should just relax and wait for an announcement a few months later

    1. They sure did change their tune eh? Switch has become a holy grail for indies but these guys were writing off the Switch early on. Or at least it’s how I took it. Now they must be like “about before…. It was a misunderstanding” lol

      1. I remember a comment from the dev tht he wuldnt, bc ppl pissed off by begging and begging and begging tht they port it. I think he just said it, so they can get off his ass. lol

  2. I guess it makes sense it was coming out around the time of odyssey, and that title would probably hinder its software sales for the switch but I’m a bit confuse why they took so long tho

    1. This was an issue with engine compatibility from a small indie team. It seems like Unreal helped sort some of this stuff out for games being developed on older versions, because a number of indie devs that were struggling seem to have figured it out. It had nothing to do with system specs.

        1. There are a lot of ways to build up your game, whether it’s experience, skill, style, game genre, etc. Depending on how you approached things, you’re going to have different issues. Sometimes, you made a decision in your first week and you find out 2 years into your project that the fix for a problem is tearing apart your entire code and rewriting things. You might not be able to afford to dedicate the amount of time it would take to fix it and you’re forced to announce that a port won’t be coming. Then, Unreal makes tweaks, or you get in touch with them and they help find a workable solution.

    2. Not all games are created equal. Like frogupus said, it’s not always about system specs or even engine specs. Sometimes shit goes wrong and a port has to be scrapped. Sometimes a fix is found that won’t fuck up years of development & a port is either not scrapped or brought back from the dead. Sometimes a fix is never found and the entire project is dead in the water. As the saying goes, shit happens.

  3. Huh. Cool, but since I already beat it on pc, I don’t see myself buying it. Not worth the double dip imo, I’d rather just play through Mario Odyssey for the 20th time. Only if it’s ever on sale for really cheap. Glad they’re finally adding co-op though.

  4. Nintendo money is ever green money, some clueless developers are finally seeing.

    F = Ma. The Switch is getting games even I didn’t see going to it.

  5. Ugh, I am completely torn about this.

    On the one hand, the game looks charming and seems to be really fun to play…

    …but on the other hand, I’ve apparently heard that the guy who directed/designed/programmed/wrote for the game is an alt-right supporter/apologist, doxxed people and didn’t pay/credit an artist who made art for the game.

    It also doesn’t help that Jontron, a known white supremacist, lent his voice for the game.

    So, I’m gonna do the same thing I did when I heard that Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. had that GamerGate supporting scumbag Adam Baldwin voicing the main character and simply cannot in good conscience support a game that has a toxic individual associated with it.

    1. Ya its why I’m not getting the game to be honest. Too much bad association. It works out cause when there are a boat load of games you want and you have to make the financial decision to slim down your options and choose the one you REALLY want than ya… I’ll take Dead Cells, The Messenger, and Gris instead lol. Ill be plenty busy and well off regardless. As developers you reaaaally have to sell your game over the competition and you can be tangled in some gross stuff. Ppl on the line got plenty of good options for their cash.

      1. Is it Ghostbusters 2016 levels of bad association like everyone involved in the movie was trashing every single person that didn’t want to see the movie as just a chauvinistic prick? If it’s just because of one bad apple, I’d be hard pressed to say “fuck the whole project & everyone involved in it.” (I won’t fault you for your decision, though.) Hence why I want to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 made WITH James Gunn’s script, why I’ll still watch movies with Tom Cruise (both old & future (if I’m interested) movies), why I can’t WAIT for Fantastic Beasts 2 with Johnny Depp, why I love Cthulu Mythos based/inspired shit (HP Lovecraft was a racist (of course he could have easily just been a victim of the times but that’s for another ethical debate entirely,) etc.

        1. Its whatever at this point. I just get annoyed when ppl come out of the woodwork to call ppl ridiculous for putting their cash where they damn want. I could say I don’t want to play a game cause the character designs had been changed, I dislike the visual style, or the content isn’t enough and it’ll be fine, crickets chirping. I say I don’t want to get it cause I dislike a bigot on the team enough/them not possibly paying their artist enough that I’d rather just spend my cash else where anyway than you got some folks instantly running into a thread to call people morons or ridiculous. Meanwhile the reason is all the personal and as much a a financial preference as spending your cash on something you think just looks cooler. Maybe any of these reasons for not spending are “ridiculous”. Maybe non if them give everything enough of a chance but that’s just how it is. Ppl as consumers can’t give EVERYTHING a go cause money, time, preferences. This just became mine and I don’t feel it warrants that much complicated feelings is all. Anyway I don’t even care anymore. News of new games is distracting and ill leave this piece if news to those concerned with announcement more.

    2. LOL “white surpremacist”. Go get triggered somewhere else you moron. Make America Great Again! (Also I’m waiting for the hate comments for me to start rolling in.)

      1. Wow. Apparently i’m the nobody because I’m getting a game that supposedly has “bad association.” Sir would you kindly fuck off, this is a nintendo website. Not to talk about your dumb politics.

      2. I don’t care if it bothers you that I’ve made a decision. I’m not giving my money to a shit person who isn’t funny and whose main fame is crappy youtube vids. I can do what I want and talk about what I want. I know free speech only counts to you folks when it’s your right to shit on other people but It’s also counts towards my ability to say I ain’t gonna buy some okay 3D platformer FOR WHATEVER REASON. If you’re triggered by the comments than deal with it. You’re still a nobody.

      3. Don’t ever hit “POST” on a comment/message where you’ve used the term “you folks”. It’s usually a good sign you’ve stepped in it somewhere in your post.

    3. I don’t shop at Chick-Fil-A for moral values. I just buy chicken.
      Same with video games. I don’t really care what someone who works on the project does in his or her personal life… I’m not buying their personal life. I’m buying a video game.

      There are so many better ways to show support for something you believe in.

      1. A person can choose to purchase what they want for whatever reasons they want. I don’t like JonTron and I’m not giving him my money. I can pirate the game if I REALLY wanted to play it that bad but I don’t even want to play this game that bad. Sooo I also don’t eat at Chick-Fil-A cause… ew..

        I know some people can over look a person’s bigotry and just buy something but I think it’s a reflection of the buyer and if fine it the person is mildly problematic. No one is perfect but JonTron is trash to me and I couldn’t even do it. I can buy Dead Cells or Gris instead and not any any of the qualms this game would give me sooo… ya. That’s not my problem anyway. It’s the problem of the developers if people are turned off by him. I don’t lose anything when I have more than plenty of excellent indie games to choose from. They lose some sales though. So… not really my problem.

      2. I don’t really care if you buy this game or not. I was just pointing out how silly it is to not purchase something because of the personal lives of someone involved. You’re not buying that person’s beliefs or morals… you’re just buying a product.

        I do care about pirating though. Please don’t pirate or steal. Thanks.

      3. Being okay with bigotry is a reflection of you though. So. I don’t think its silly. I think its not ridiculous to skip a game for ANY reason.

        No guarantee on the later.

      4. Actually I don’t support racism or prejudice in any way or form. This is clearly evident by my words, actions, and even thoughts. It’s not determined by the personal beliefs of a person involved with a video game I may or may not play.

    4. I might be a bad liberal, because I still love Firefly. If it helps, a voice actor on a minor indie game probably doesn’t get royalties on sales.

  6. You guys keep assuming they’re doing this because they had a change of heart because they’re after money which is just ignorant. They clearly have been wanting to do this for a while. Hell, back then, the only console they were considering releasing this game on was the Wii U! Of course they want Nintendo fans of all people to experience the game. But I’m confident in my theory that it just wasn’t possible for them at the time. However, it seems they got an outside company to help them out with the porting process so everything should be fine now. I want this game to be on the Switch too because I know for sure it will sell extremely well and be a huge hit which I think Gears for breakfast deserves :)

    And btw, they weren’t saying the Switch isn’t powerful enough for their game. It had to do with game using an engine that is unsupported by the Switch.

    1. LOL, no.

      They did this because they smelled the lawsuit from a mile, this game borrows Wind Waker’s art style too heavily, this is a way to try and make amends after they blatantly stole Nintendo’s ideas and then refused to even so much as try to put the game on Switch,.

      1. Nintendo didn’t patent and C/TMed Wind Waker’s artstyle so anyone can use it. Many have gone on & used it since WW’s release. Nintendo couldn’t sue anyone even if they tried.

  7. Never played the game yet and I was skeptic at first but after checking the gameplay one day, it’s a damn good-looking game with awesome soundtrack. And now to be able to play this anywhere is even better.

  8. Holy peck, never thought I’d see the day this hecking cute platformer would come to Switch.

    Seems like it’s a good thing I didn’t get it yet after all.

    Hat Kid is cute. Everyone should buy this game.

  9. Think some gameplay I saw of it looked jolly, better than jooka-leelee (misspelled, I know).
    But since the devs were being dicks about it, maybe wait until it’s on sale.
    And no, I do not care about their reasons, you need to be professional, the adult, no matter how pissy people get at you.

  10. Why couldn’t they just say “We wanted to wait a year after Odyssey because we knew it was that good and didn’t want to compete with it in any way.”

  11. Well it’s about hecking time!
    This is a great, and cute, game and has earned it’s place on the handheld console that is the home of Mario.
    Nintendo seems to be taking notes from my Steam account. With the exception of Conan: Exiles and some retro gaming, everything I play is on, or going to be on, the Switch.

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