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Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch Is 2.7GB Download On eShop

One of the Nintendo Switch titles Nintendo has lined up for the autumn is the latest entry in the Mario Party series which is titled Super Mario Party. The company announced today that if you pre-order the game on the Nintendo eShop then you get double My Nintendo reward points. This also revealed that the game will take up a measly 2.7GB which shouldn’t take long to download at all.


18 thoughts on “Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch Is 2.7GB Download On eShop”

      1. It was a joke comment. But I don’t about the resolution for handheld. The frame rate will be good but resolution will probably be 720p at best.

  1. Oh no! I must say, I’m a bit worried. They must deliver what I need with this game! Hopefully there is more content then Aces, which is the same download size. This Mario Party must be Super!

    1. I agree aces just had story mode brand new skills and powers and not a lot of courts, SMP will probably have lots of modes like star rush and it already seems like they will have plenty of boards for the old formula and star rush formula

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