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THQ Nordic Reveals Saints Row The Third Coming To Nintendo Switch

THQ Nordic has announced this morning that they are bringing Saints Row the Third to the Nintendo Switch. The game is ported by internal developer Deep Silver Fish Lab. A release date for the Nintendo Switch version has yet to be announced by the company.

Saints Row the Third – Ported by the internal developer Deep Silver Fish Labs it will be coming to Nintendo Switch.



29 thoughts on “THQ Nordic Reveals Saints Row The Third Coming To Nintendo Switch”

    1. This was one of the best “GTA clones” that I have ever played. Think I liked it more than GTA IV.
      One of my favorite open world games.
      4th one did not live up to the expectations. Think 4th was actually started as a DLC for the third game in the beginning.

      1. My favorite clone was Simpson’s Hit and Run. I don’t think it’s aged that well, but it was a fun little gem for fans of the show.

        1. The reason why the term was used, is because that is the term people recognize of the games similar to GTA.
          And the reason why it is in quotations, is because the game does a lot to distinguish itself.
          4th one was simply ridiculous.

      1. The DLC did, but if memory serves me (and I never bought the DLC, so this is based on my memory of the description) its a self contained portion of the game and you probably can’t use them in the actual game world like you could in 4.

      2. Yes, you can use Super Powers in the self contained DLC portion of the game. That’s what I just said above.

      3. The big difference between the use of super powers on 3 and 4 is that (again if memory serves me) you can only use super powers in a confined portion of the game within the DLC section and in 4 the game is based around these super powers. They basically said lets take the DLC from 3 and make a full fledged game with your character OP in mind with 4.

        1. is that why they added Super powers in Saint Row 4? i never really get to the part that the company allow players to used super powers in the game in saint row 4. But, i understand why they added the DLC of Super powers in Saint Row 3 and side missions. :/

  1. Poor souls. As someone who was worked on a remaster of a game made in the same engine before, I am confident that the devs must have suffered a lot. 🤣
    That being said, nice to hear that the game is getting onto more platforms.

  2. Totally day one for me too. Loved this game on my 360. In a perfect world, getting 2 and 3 would’ve been the best combo. I’ve heard 4 is the pits, so I never played it.

    With this game coming, I hope we can see Red Faction Guerrilla Remarstered Edition at some point!

  3. imma buy this game to support THQ Nordic, i still have games i need to buy from then that are out on Switch so THQ Nordic is on of few that can have my money, the other is NIS America

  4. One of those games that you never thought you’d see on a Nintendo system. (I really enjoyed Gat Out of Hell so I should consider getting the other Saint’s Row games that are available on my PS4.)

    1. I’m pretty sure Saints Row IV is the only one aside from Gat Out of Hell on the PS4. Which is unfortunate.

      If you have Xbox One, technically you can play them all with backwards compatibility.

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