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THQ Nordic And Rainbow Studios Are Working On Monster Jam Series, No Platforms Announced Yet

THQ Nordic has tweeted that it is working alongside Rainbow Studios for a new entry in the Monster Jam series, which is sure to please fans. This new addition will be coming worldwide next year. The team says that it is being developed by Rainbow Studios, the creator of the MXvsATV franchise. Platforms have yet to be announced.

Thanks to Magitroopa for the news tip!




  1. Soccer mode in the Monster Truck Madness 64 game was the precursor to rocket league. Also, king of the hill mode was always fun.

    Was on the fence about the “crush it” game released earlier on switch, hope thq does it right.


  2. Would really like to see this game take a tad more realistic approach and play similar to the MX vs ATV games, unlike past Monster Jam games. I haven’t played many, but the past Monster Jam games were all about explosions and strange levels that made no sense and kinda crappy physics, just all around low budget games. Really enjoyed the last MX vs ATV game so I’ll definitely be interested to see what comes of this.


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