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Miyamoto Warns Video Game Industry Not To Be Greedy

Mr. Miyamoto has offered sage-like words during the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference. He warned video game companies and publishers not to be too greedy with consumers and says that it naturally has a habit of backfiring and devalues brands and companies. He talked about free to play games Vs regular games with fixed prices and also subscription-style services:

“We’re lucky to have such a giant market, so our thinking is, if we can deliver games at reasonable prices to as many people as possible, we will see big profits”.

“I can’t say that our fixed-cost model has really been a success,” the usually candid Miyamoto said. “But we’re going to continue pushing it forward until it becomes entrenched. That way everyone can develop games in a comfortable environment. By focusing on bringing games to the widest range of people possible, we can continue boosting our mobile game business.”

Miyamoto also said game developers should heed lessons from the music industry, which is still struggling to recover after consumers learned to consume music for free through MP3 file sharing, as well as YouTube and streaming services. He said subscription-style services should play a bigger role in games, but said the key is to develop a culture of paying for good software.

“It’s necessary for developers to learn to get along with” subscription-style services, Miyamoto said. “When seeking a partner for this, it’s important to find someone who understands the value of your software. Then customers will feel the value in your apps and software and develop a habit of paying money for them.”

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61 thoughts on “Miyamoto Warns Video Game Industry Not To Be Greedy”

    1. “$10 for a mobile game? What a scam!” said the guy as he spent his 300th dollar on Candy Crush, a “free” game.

      Why is a flat one-time fee a bad thing now?

    2. dumb stick aimers 101,.,.


      FIX PRICED MODEL oh that face punch

    3. I would rather pay a fixed price than spending $300/day on a single game and no a fixed price is not a bad thing, what is bad is a fixed price then charging more money for content that doesn’t include DLC.

    4. Miyamoto-san does not control the pricing of games. Therefore, he’s not “charging 10 quid for a mobile game”.
      Your logic is wonky mate.

    5. “For a mobile game. It’s greedy. The costs for their games on the eshop and prior to that, on the Wii and U are so absurdly priced it’s ridiculous”

      The cost of the eShop games match full retail price. Breath of the Wild on the eShop? $60. Breath of the Wild at Best Buy? $60. How is this overpriced? Yes if you get some sort of discount via coupon, special membership, gift card, etc the price will be lower at the brick-and-mortar store.

  1. His statements really contradict each other. It also sounds like he’s saying that Nintendo wants to continue pushing their mobile games now. The tune used to be that their mobile games would bring in a wider audience to play their core games, but now I’m reading what sounds like the opposite. Creating games that appeal to as wide of a playerbase as possible to boost their mobile sales? Give me a break. Though, it does fall in line with the fact that they’re turning Zelda into a Ubisoft-tier open world series, and releasing games like Pokémon Let’s Go. I’m once again back to worrying about Nintendo’s future. Call me melodramatic or whatever, but I did not like what I just read.

    1. Breath of the Wild has really nothing but in common with ANY Ubisoft open world game. They feel and play completely different.

      1. Okay, I exaggerated, but simply the fact that they’re following the trend of open world and some of its overdone practices is kind of proof enough that they’re trying to appeal to a wider, less original market. BotW got seriously criticized for being too barren, among other things.

      2. If you go back to any Zelda before OoT you will find that they all have a much more open structure. Not as much as BotW but still very open all the same. BotW is nothing like the Ubisoft style game by the way.

    2. “The tune used to be that their mobile games would bring in a wider audience to play their core games, but now I’m reading what sounds like the opposite.”

      They’ve had three presidents in that space of time. Every statement could have been true under the business plan of the president in place at the time.

      “. Though, it does fall in line with the fact that they’re turning Zelda into a Ubisoft-tier open world series,”

      Your youth is showing. Go back and play any Zelda game made before 1998. Zelda practically invented open world gameplay. BotW drew inspiration from the original LoZ, not Assassin’s Creed.

      1. The recent open world style that for example Far Cry and BotW fall under is nothing like the first Zelda games. The comparison is ridiculous, and shows your dementia. Face it, Nintendo made BotW an open world game to appeal to audiences that play modern AAA games, not as a throw-back to the first Zelda game. If you’ll take the time to listen to their statements regarding said move, they’re very well aware that they’re taking LoZ in a new direction, and aren’t pretending that they’re reclaiming their 80’s era or something like that.

        I knew I’d catch flack for that part of my comment, but only because I know how butthurt everyone gets as soon as you criticize BotW in any way.

    1. This statement is so false. As a 31 year old whose enjoyed Kirby since original game. You can beat the original game in like less than 15 minutes. Adventure, squeak squad, shirt game. Sakuarai said in an interview that shirt length is what they went for on purpose for Kirby’s early games cause they wanted to design a game anyone can finish. The games are longer now.

      1. Darknova is sort of right. The new Kirby game is overflowing with character options but naught much to do with them. Plus so few optional game modes.
        I wouldn’t take it as a criticism of Kirby Star Allies though. Robobot just set the bar so high that we’re a bit spoiled possibly.

        1. What you can do with each new character is enjoy their totally remixed campaigns of which each campaign contains entirely new sections and a hidden name room. Gotta give the creators more props than just new characters. I still put over 30 hours into Star Allies cause of this plus the rest. I agree that Planet Robobot is superb but I think ppl are neglecting some of what HAL did when they only mention new characters and not the campaigns. Its fine if ppl arent into playing that but it is MORE. Also we still have a third update. It could be more characters, their own remixed campaigns with new levels or maybe more? Whether ppl think its 60 bucks worthy or not its w/e but I remember early games being short too so. I’m cool if ppl aren’t into Star Allies but its not THAT lacking when I consider all the games.

      2. I can only speak from my experience. I spent 40+ hours on the game and did absolutely everything with everybody (up to the Gooey, Marx, Trio update) and it was just a lot of repetition. Let’s be honest, as cool as the throwbacks were on the guest stages… it only amounted to 2 or 3 rooms and a music change at the end boss. There’s just a real imbalance of content imo with characters vs levels/modes.
        Again, not saying that makes it bad (in fact, this quote from Miyamoto really has nothing to do with what the OP popping off about Star Allies) but HAL just really outdid themselves on the 3DS and it seems like a noticeable dip with Star Allies. Even with the gorgeous HD graphics, they are offset by only 30 fps.
        I mean… all in all, I think it comes down to a single player perspective. It feels lacking compared to the 3DS games but you’d probably get more enjoyment if you played Star Allies with other people.

      3. Ya. I mean. I agree. I’d rather have more to play than 100x characters. Its a game that’s more fanservice for the anniversary. Hopefully it’s allowing them to work on something else right away but I dunno. Anyway I think for around 30 hours its fine at full price BUT if that content is unsatisfying than I can see why some folks may not think its worth 60 bucks. It is what you get out of that. My main gripe tho was ppl implying its shorter than past games. I spent about as much time in Planet Robobot but do feel I got more out if it.

    1. Did you need a lot of time, to think about it ?
      If you think about it you always agree with what Nintendo does, think about that.

  2. He should have said this to Wa– I mean, Kimishima before he started pushing the Portable on everyone with its ripoff pricing

  3. I see most readers here are not native English speakers. They are trying to twist Miyamoto San’s words. He is looking for we the consumers.

  4. PS4/Switch master race

    It’s good that he says this, but as much as I love Nintendo, I know that they have been greedy at times.

  5. The Greediest game company warns not to be greedy. Makes sense. They still haven’t learned for themselves yet.

    1. This comment actually made me laugh. EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, Sony, Activision, and Microsoft are miles ahead of Nintendo when it comes to greed. Nintendo doesn’t charge $100 for a season pass or bullshit day one DLC, with microtransactions out the ass. Hell, in a lot of their games the DLC is free.

      1. I won’t deny Nintendo is still kind of decent when it comes about DLC’s and such. In WiiU, the price for Mario Kart 8’s expansion was ridiculously low, considering they were selling you like a half Mario Kart game, with lots of tracks and new characters, and it wasn’t priced even at 1/4 of Mario Kart 8’s entire cost.

        But the inclusion of Nintendo Online Services as a pay-to-play-online platform just contradicts his very same comment; they aren’t even improving their servers for this, it is just because they know Microsoft and Sony gain millions from this model. Heck, the best servers are from PC gaming, and you don’t pay to play online unless the game demands a subscription (like WoW), but you can play anytime any game supporting online with no cost at all.

      2. The sad truth is Nintendo fits nicely in that list you brought up. They are just more sneaky about it. I mean, just look at all the extra stuff you have to buy the make the Switch worthwhile. SD cards because internal memory is a joke in this day & age, Joy-Con charger that charges them as you play games, a carrying case for the Switch since you can’t put it in your pocket (and why risk it even if you could as the Switch isn’t as durable as the handheld line of systems), the Switch Pro Controller if you don’t want to use the tiny Joy-Cons or the grip for said Joy-Cons. Oh & let’s not forget some of the shady things they pulled in the past (and still do to this day in certain areas.) At the end of the day, Nintendo is a company & they will throw you under the bus eventually if it means increasing their profits. All big companies eventually do when their customers allow them to.

      3. Oh & the only ones I see doing season passes that come up to nearly 100 bucks is EA & Koei Tecmo. Haven’t seen Sony, Capcom, or even Ubisoft doing that. (Unless you mean those gold editions of some of their games. In which case, those are bundles that include the game, the season pass, and some extra little goodies. The season passes themselves are only around 30 (at the least) to 50 bucks (at the most.)

  6. Says the guy who also embraced to pay for online gaming… I’d prefer if this were like in PS3, which you were selling a premium service at the same time everyone could play online for free in their console. Now I will only be able to play Fortnite and Paladins online due to this, because I won’t support a charge-for-playing-online model.

    Plz don’t bring the “better servers require online payment”, because we all know how Steam works.

    1. Reason for Steam is bc they hav an almost entire monopoly on the platform. So of course they can offer free online without an issue to their money. The other platforms like Origin hav to keep it free just to compete with Steam bc if they made it paid then they lose nearly all sales to Steam.

  7. “don’t be greedy” he says as Nintendo takes away Club Nintendo, turns it into My Nintendo and then devalues the gold coins a year later. also as Nintendo keeps re-releasing wiiU games for full price on Switch, dumping the wiiU after 4 years. as they start charging for online, and charging extra for family accounts. keep selling the same game on each console for 25+ years. as all the games i bought digitally are locked to each console and can’t be traded in. as they announce DLC pretty much after Zelda was released and have made a zillion dollars on multiple versions of the same amiibo that they still can’t seem to wrap their heads around supply and demand. as they make us pay for our own internal memory for our Switches. as the make us buy smartphones just so we can have online chat. “don’t be greedy” he says.

    1. Whatever you’re smoking, stop it. Whatever you’re popping, stop it. Whatever you’re drinking, stop it.

      Nothing you brought up is about greed. It’s about a salty child who devalues the gaming industry because he can’t have everything for free. You’re going to be a bad parent. Don’t have kids if they’re going to be as salty as you are.

      1. Great job ignoring every last legitimate point and responding with a bullshit remark, calling someone a child and questioning their future parenting. Real mature.

        But anyway, what’s YOUR excuse in all of this? Bias? White-knighting Nintendo (typical cliche move)? Blatant trolling? Or is everything just sunshines and roses on your side of the world.

      2. Fanatics rarely see something wrong with the religion, company, etc they worship. Of course you would think nintandrew is the one with the problem, not Nintendo. That’s just how fanatics are. Nothing wrong with their idol, just the people speaking against it.

  8. Even though I criticized Miyamoto in the past (and still do on occasion),

    Take that, EA, Microsoft, Activision, and FucKonami.

  9. While this is good advice, it’s sadly not advice the company he works for actually listens to. As nintandrew said, there is A LOT of stuff Nintendo does that doesn’t make them some saint of a company that cares little for their bottom line: making money. At the end of the day, Nintendo is just like Sony, Microsoft, EA (not to such levels but they sadly aren’t too far away from EA, either), Ubisoft, etc. Oh & before that “least Ninty doesn’t charge 40 bucks for extra content!”, Smash on Wii U/3DS & Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates would like to have a word with you.

    1. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Miyamoto was actually including Nintendo in this statement since it does say “the video game industry” (which Ninty is apart of) & not some small part of the industry that doesn’t include Nintendo.

  10. “so our thinking is, if we can deliver games at reasonable prices to as many people as possible”
    That’s great and all. But, Nintendo’s games are always the HIGHEST priced games (aside from stupid anime games). And they NEVER go down much in price. Except for when they become “Nintendo Selects” titles. But then they ruin the covers with the Nintendo Selects artwork. As a collector, I only like original releases. Even if the cover doesn’t change the game.

  11. This is something I agree with. Most people have gotten into the habit of expecting mobile games to be free and would hardly ever be willing to spend actual money.

    That’s why we end up with trash. Mobile gaming is a joke for the most part. And it’s made even worse by the fact that smartphones cost hundreds of dollars every year trying to increase power and become more efficient only to be wasted on Candy Crush clone #15.

  12. THis is pretty fuckin’ hypocritical coming from the cockmongler who charges you for the equivalent of a fuckin’ NES or SNES ROM and doesn’t let you link your games to your NIntendo Account so you can download them on the 3-4 Nintendo Consoles that game happens to be on already and makes you re-buy them each time you want them on the new system.

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