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Hollow Knight: Free DLC Is Now Available And Game On Sale

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the acclaimed Hollow Knight then now is the time. The game is currently on sale in North America and Europe at the super-cheap price of $9.90/£7.25. The deal is available until 27th August. The final free DLC content pack which is titled Godmaster is available for free and comes included with the game.


14 thoughts on “Hollow Knight: Free DLC Is Now Available And Game On Sale”

  1. Haven’t had a chance to play it since it was released and it was in my watch list since then but once it went in the sale I had to buy it.

    1. I just picked it up as well, a steal at 10 bucks. I just hope I can get into it right after playing Dead Cells for hours.

  2. For £7.25 you just can’t go wrong with this game.
    It’s really, really good and will take you hours to do everything.
    Get it, start playing it and give yourself a chance to get into it and you’ll be hooked.

    1. Its mostly a brutal boss rush to be honest. Its Kirby True Arena style where surprise new bosses appear with in it as well as remixed bosses. Just like True Aren though, if you die than you start all over again. Its not a mode for everyone but its free dlc and a strong challenge for the veterans who like the boss fights. Activating the doc does require getting a key and taking it to another area so you do expand the map a bit more if you want to just into the exploration part of it.

  3. I was planning on buying this game last weekend, but I forgot, and now I’m glad that I forgot so I can get it for 10 bucks.

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