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The Spewart Hat & Spewart Suit Are Now Available In Super Mario Odyssey

Another new costume has just been added to Super Mario Odyssey. You can now get the Spewart Hat and Spewart Suit, one of the Broodals that you battle in the game’s plot. Spewart’s Hat costs 1,500 coins, and Spewart’s Suit costs 3,000 coins. As of today, Mario has costumes for all of the Broodals. It will cost you a grand total of 18,000 coins to purchase all of the parts to all 4 Broodal costumes.

Source: Super Mario Odyssey


  1. I need another mode like Balloon World to suck me back into this game. Not enough post-game content in my opinion, and I want as much of this game as I can get.

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