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Super Mario Odyssey Concept Art Unveiled For Broodals Member Spewart

Nintendo has unveiled another piece of Super Mario Odyssey artwork via the official social media account for the Nintendo Switch game. It depicts various illustrations of concept art for the rabbit-like character Spewart, who is one of the core members of the Broodals. You can check out the official artwork in the embedded image below. Nintendo recently partnered with Penny Arcade to release a new batch of Super Mario Odyssey Capture Set pins, which can be yours for $35.


20 thoughts on “Super Mario Odyssey Concept Art Unveiled For Broodals Member Spewart”

  1. I did not really enjoy their designs in-game, but this concept art does look interesting. He looks a lot more villainy.

      1. Unfortunately you responded… AND you responded with chat speak so you definitely lost the exchange there. You had a fantastic start with “opinions are great” but you just fell too many levels with the response you chose to make.

  2. I didn’t enjoyed the Broodals, i found them to be way more childish than usual… I did enjoyed the rest of the game though.
    And yes, i know it’s a kid’s game…

      1. I know… and i understand they wanting to try new baddies for Mario, but yes they didn’t looked like they belonged in the Mario Universe…

        1. I didn’t mind the different bosses that were matched to their kingdom. The kingdom design grounded the unusual (for a Mario game) characters. Realistic humans also felt bizarre, but they matched their world. As a recurring boss representing Bowser’s presence in the worlds, they just didn’t work. I get that they were supposed to be moon rabbits and tied to the moon, but eh. I just found them bland, annoying, and lacking when compared to the rest of the game. I personally would have preferred the Koopalings (who I love).

      2. I kinda liked the dark souls kingdom and how different it was. Same could be said with the metro kingdom.

        I still didn’t like the Broodals though. They are just… idk… a weird hodgepodge of things. Villainous rabbit wedding planners who live on the moon and wear early 20th century clothing and have a Madame?? Umm… what?

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