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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle For Nintendo Switch Year 1 Infographic

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the immensely fun strategy title Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle on the Nintendo Switch, Ubisoft has shared a special year one infographic. The amusing and informative image reveals data not previously known to players, such as the most picked roster and how much honey has been poured by players, putting the Rabbids in a sticky situation. Here’s all the details from the blog:

Players team compo:

Mario is the ultimate team leader and it seems most of you guys have decided to make him team up with Rabbid Peach and Yoshi at the end of the game… but is that your favorite roster to play with? If you feel you may have a better compo in mind, we’re interested to read you in the comments!

Enemies defeated:

The Mushroom Kingdom is favourite place of the enemies to hang out: Ziggies are the most common ones and all of you defeated a total of 307 millions of them. Hoppers hold the second position: they have more health points which make them very hard to defeat without the right team compo and weapons… yeah, they’re definitely not called pinheads for nothing! The Smashers are met later in the adventure but they’ll be chasing you every time you shoot at them – giving you a great satisfaction to wipe them out of the battlefield! Last but not least, if you’re coming after the Valkyries, teaser alert, you better be ready for the challenge. Congratulations on winning against so many of the toughest challengers there are!

Essential facts:

  • Beep-o has been leading the way for you and your heroes through the whole world, giving you to travel 674 million kilometers – let’s agree on the fact that you’ve done your daily exercise for the next few centuries.
  • Who would’ve thought that you poured so much honey in the mushroom kingdom? Equipped with your weapon, honey has prevented a lot of your enemies to move, enough to fill up to more than 10 000 Time Washing Machines and turn Rabbids into permanent residents and, you know what? Bowser thanks you for that!
  • Battles have kept you busy: more than 888 years cumulated were spent in battles. No one here would’ve been alive long enough to witness the beginning and the end of it, except perhaps for Rabbid Cranky…

Wall of fame:

We’ve been impressed to find out you guys were really going after gold trophies and we even have a special mention for the few players who managed to make a perfect run and finish every battle with a gold trophy – you are absolute champs!




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