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Yooka-Laylee Collector’s Edition Pre-Orders Begin 7th September

Limited Run Games has announced on Twitter that they are moving back pre-orders for the Yooka-Laylee Collector’s Edition to Friday, 7th September. The company plans to reveal everything on Tuesday, 4th September, which is tomorrow. Good luck securing your pre-order if you are after the Yooka-Laylee Collector’s Edition.

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

6 thoughts on “Yooka-Laylee Collector’s Edition Pre-Orders Begin 7th September”

  1. I was excited for this game, backed it, own it and gotta say …. it’s not good enough to really buy any special edition. It’s *nice* and a charming throwback to some Banjo Kazooie vibes, but get’s pretty boring at times, is lacking a lot of the magic that made BK so special ad feels like they just didn’t have the ressources to relize their vision.
    For a long time I defended this game and ignored all flaws, but I have to say, they are all there. I couldn’t even play through it, as most worlds in thiss game just bored me. They’re empty, they aren’t well designed, they aren’t fun. The Controls feel stiff and wooden and don’t really make moving your character a joy (which is one of the most important things in a platforming game) and fighting enemies is just not fun as well. Many things feel just like in BK in the 1990ies, but back then, everythning felt so revolutionary, its shortcomings like the lack of any good fighting mechanic was absolutely not mentionable. In Yookah Laylee, there’s just so much we know from all the games that got released ever since and by the time you are forced to aim in first person view and get shocked by how bad this alone is designed, you might already be used to the low level Playtonic seems to keep with this game. It kinda breaks my heart writing all of that as I was really among the first to fight people like the today-me who were critisizing this game. I understand the vision, I understand the spirit, I understand that Playtonic is not Rare, but an indie-team. But then why couldn’t they just do a game that would fit their abilities and size? It really seems like they had some idea of a game that could be bigger, better and more amazing than a BK-game, but not the manpower to pull it off.

    Why am I writing this? Just really think about it before you buy it. It’s just not a great game. It’s not bad either and there is a lot to like about it too. But between all of the nice things, there are always stony, clunky or just empty paths to overcome. If you really like BK so much that you wanna express your love, then maybe just play the original on a N64.

    1. When was the last time these guys made a video game? If it’s been a long time, maybe they are just rusty. If they’ve been making games still all of this time, then it’s probably as you said: not enough man power and not enough money seeing as they are an indie team unlike when they were running Rare with a nice sizable budget.

      1. Not so long actually, they worked at RARE doing games for Microsoft and I mean it’s not like these games were complete junk or anything. They might not have managed to justify the hype about that company, but they worked on some solid games. And in YL, even the work of David Wise and Grant Kirkhope, who never stopped rocking, is kinda forgettable and bland. I actively love the soundtrack of Mario x Rabbics and I at least liked David Wise’s stuf in Tropical Freeze (even if it’s best tracks are the remixes of the old ones) and in YL they feel like they were lacking any inspiration. Nothing that really surprises you, nothing that sticks in your head.
        Would I buy the sequel though? Maybe. But with more care. I don’t say it’s all bad, just looking at how YL was like the game that reached its goal in the shortest period of time in history and the following hype, I feel like I need to clarify that it can’t hold any of this. It’s just a mediocre game with charming characters, some nice environments but a lot of forced mechanics and elements that never feel as natural as they did in BK.

  2. I wanted to get this game but after the bad reviews and people complaining that it feels like an N64 game with all the flaws that came with such a system, I decided it best I not bother. If it ever ends up being given away for free through PS+, then I’ll get it.

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