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Rayman Coming To Brawlhalla On 6th November

The official Twitter account for the free to play fighting titleย Brawlhalla had some big news to share today and that’s because they have announced that Rayman will be coming to the game. Rayman will make his debut in the fighting title on the 6th of November which is precisely when the game will launch on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Thanks toย Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

19 thoughts on “Rayman Coming To Brawlhalla On 6th November”

  1. Meh. If only Brawlhalla was a good game. I tried it only because of the positive steam reviews. I have no clue what people see in it. Lame characters, loose gameplay, unappealing visual style. But I guess if you have no way to play Smash Bros., you’ll find yourself playing clunky knock-offs like this.

      1. I downloaded it on the PS4, played it a little bit, and the mechanics allow for experienced players to just get a kill and wait out of reach of players until the time runs out. It just wasn’t fun.

          1. There may also be stocks, but that’s always timed also and players who can avoid other players will always beat out the clock rather than lose all their stocks

  2. Is this Super Smash Bros. for characters who think they’ll get their chance another day?

    And then Rayman gets in as DLC because he’s indirectly deconfirmed right now.

    1. I think it doesn’t matter if characters are added in other games they will not appear in Smash. Just look Shovel Knight, people thinked that Shovel Knight will not be in Smash only because he was in other indie games and then he showed up (as an assist character but still he is there)

      But if you still hope to see Rayman in Smash then see this video

      Despite the fact it’s just a speculation but damm that cloud really has the form of Rayman’s head

      1. Okay, first of all, my first statement wasn’t serious.

        Second, appearing in another game is not an automatic deconfirmation.

        And third, Rayman isn’t getting in because he doesn’t have a stage equivalent (DLC is another story, base game, there is no Rayman stage out of the 103 stages; stage total is finalized at 103 before DLC, and other than ROB for the fact he’s hardware, every character has an associated stage, so Rayman isn’t getting into the base roster.)

        And then post-launch, Sakurai’s like “Now that the game is out, we can focus on adding new fighters. Here’s Spring Man with Ribbon Girl as an echo” because ARMS came out after the roster was finalized. (I wish.)

      2. When was the stage total finalized at 103? I never heard or saw that anywhere unless it was done discreetly during a Direct. And truly, I refuse to believe the *only* new stages are New Donk City, Moray Towers, Great Plateau Tower, Dracula’s Castle, and new editions of Battlefield and FD- that’s a low amount even for only 4 years between Smash games.

      3. The stage total was finalized in the last Smash Direct. “The total number of stages is 103. If we exclude Battlefield, Final Destination, and Big Battlefield, that’s 100 stages.” The stage select was shown with all 103 stages on it.

        Total number of music being over 800 (About 900 counting menus and fanfare) was also confirmed. All music has not been shown; we don’t know if any of it’s unlockable since he didn’t say (I’d hope so, Final Fantasy was shown to still have two tracks.)

        Total number of characters has NOT been confirmed, especially when he said there’s still a few more yet to be revealed.

        In before “We managed to work in a 104th stage with a new character to go with it” in the next announcement.

      4. That doesn’t mean anything, the 3DS version had gaps in the character and stage select before DLC and took until Cloud before DLC characters got their own page, and the Wii U version took until Bayonetta to have the roster lined up properly, and even then, there’s room for more characters. The Wii U stage select has room for the DLC stages without needing a second page, yet they did anyway.

        For Ultimate, I’m guessing the last few gaps in the stage select are gonna be DLC stages before it becomes its own button like 3DS did after they can’t fit anymore.

  3. I’m trying to figure out what weapon combo he would have. Obviously gauntlets is the first one but what’s his second one that would fit his character? Knowing there are no repeats, he can’t be Gauntlets X Hammer, Gauntlets X Blasters, Gauntlets X Katars, or Gauntlets X Spear… Did Rayman ever use a scythe or an axe?

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