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The Wii U Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 5.5.3

Believe it or not, Nintendo has decided to update the firmware of the Wii U. The Wii U firmware now sits at version 5.5.3. Of course, don’t expect anything major. The only thing that Nintendo says in the patch notes is that “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”.


37 thoughts on “The Wii U Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 5.5.3”

  1. I still use mine. It’s my bedroom netflix machine and pretty much my legacy nintendo software console (although I still can’t fathom why DS VC games are on it and not 3DS…)

    1. It would be unwise to have 3DS virtual console while both systems were still alive. If Nintendo did it that way, there really wouldn’t have been much of a purpose in owning either system and then they both could have failed.

      1. The 3DS did have a VC consisting of Game Boy, GBC, NES, and SNES games. Plus it had… You know… Two screens just like the DS. Would have made much more sense than the awkward Wii U options for DS games.

      2. Agreed with CFG. I got Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on my Wii U and each screen option is awkward (both same size on Gamepad, one screen larger than the other on the Gamepad, etc.) It really was not well thought out.

      3. It really wasn’t. I can’t imagine even trying to play a Mario + Luigi in any of those formats.
        But there would have been ZERO issues on the 3DS…
        All in all, I thought they didn’t do it because they wanted to beef up the Wii U as best they could by giving it those exclusive GBA and DS titles… but clearly that didn’t work out for them. I think my theory goes out the window since they haven’t decided to pad the end of the 3DS lifespan with some DS and GBA VC titles… but who knows, maybe that’s incoming.

    2. Is netflix running so bad for you as well? cause on my WiiU, Netflix will just take ages to respond while watching a movie and trying to for instance pause the movie. The general menu and all works fine, its really just about playback, which is very annoying.

      1. I don’t have any problems. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time it froze on the autoplay next episode screen (which had happened frequently for me which you had to delete Netflix save data to fix it and log back in to Netflix)

    3. 3ds just isn’t powering enough to run ds games on vc. Nintendo had to make a lot of sacrifices to make the gba ambassador games to work

      1. Yeah that’s likely. It still seems pointless though. it’s not even being manufactured anymore, is it? It’ll just keep getting cracked by hackers regardless of any patches, so I’m just trying to find the reasoning behind it.

  2. Its good to know they slightly care about Wii U and I won’t bash them for giving it a bit of life despite almost zero support and I say that because there are a couple of indies that have their games on it being released even now. Its a shame it didn’t get the support it needed and it wasn’t a bad console people make it out to be, its flawed with no marketing and it’s specs didn’t dictate its demise because if that were true then the 3DS should have been stomped by the Vita.

  3. My Mario Maker player got an update? Too bad they cant update the game as well. Mario Maker is the only reason why I haven’t put the Wii U to bed. Guess I’ll have to wait for MM Deluxe for Switch.

  4. I…could be reading into this too much but isn’t it strange this is just before the paid online is set to come out?

  5. Reactivated my WiiU some time ago when the flow on the Switch stopped. For stuff like 3D world or Wind Waker HD it’s still a good thing to have. And yeah, still my Netflix-machine even though I’m experiencing some issues.

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