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Sony Says It Doesn’t Do Cross-Platform Play Because PlayStation 4 Is Superior Than Nintendo Switch

Sony is notorious for its approach toward cross-platform play with competing consoles, including Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Speaking at the recent IFA technology show in Berlin, Sony chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida explained that the company doesn’t entirely support the feature because it believes the PlayStation 4 provides a superior experience overall. Yoshida did, however, admit that competition with both Nintendo and Microsoft is necessary in order for the industry to continue moving forward.

“On cross-platform, our way of thinking is always that PlayStation is the best place to play. Fortnite, I believe, partnered with PlayStation 4 is the best experience for users, that’s our belief,” he said, according to Press Association. “But actually, we already opened some games as cross-platform with PC and some others, so we decide based on what is the best user experience. That is our way of thinking for cross-platform.” He added: “I think competition is always good. Healthy, fair competition is always good for the industry and growth. I think competition with Nintendo and Xbox is a healthy situation.”


88 thoughts on “Sony Says It Doesn’t Do Cross-Platform Play Because PlayStation 4 Is Superior Than Nintendo Switch”

  1. I don’t really read the words where he says he thinks PS4 is superior. He just plugged it as the “best place to play” which… you WOULD say that for whatever system you’re company is selling.

    I mean… it’s pretty sorry for them to block cross-plat multi when it’s possible… but I think this title might be a little bit clickbait-y

    1. How is the title “clickbait-y”, if you just repeated basically the same thing as in the title?
      Title did not make it sound any more or less “superior” than your quotation.

      1. They changed the title. You can see the original in the URL. Good on them for changing it. I’m not trying to cause problems.

      2. Sorry guys, busy day. SSF1991 changed the title of the original article. I was asleep but he informed me that he had done so when I awoke. Apologies if it the initial headline sounded click-baity. Needless to say it was changed.

  2. When it comes to the “users” and “power” PlayStation isn’t the best place to play. PC is, and I’d even argue that the Xbox is second due the extra boost in power and the accounts not being locked to it.

    1. I don’t like playing on pc. I enjoy playing on my switch best as it’s more comfortable for me and easier to play various places, like in bed or at relatives. I still play my computer on occasion but enjoy the switch more

    2. “best” to you evidently means “ignoring both cost and platform popularity”. Far more people already have PS4’s than gaming quality PC’s that will outperform the PS4, and even if they didn’t, you can get a PS4 at a pawn shop for a hundred bucks. This is the mindset that had people proclaiming the original Xbox the superior console of the generation all the while the PS2 buried it in sales. Power alone is an extremely poor metric for gaming machine quality. Going through each generation, it’s actually extremely rare for the most powerful machine to even be in contention.

      1. I personally don’t play/own my systems based on power (otherwise I wouldn’t be here). I’m more so speaking off Yoshida’s logic.

        If we’re talking about “value” here then the PC still takes the cake. Not only do you not have to pay for online services but there’s an endless library of free games. And when it comes down to it you’ll probably spending just as much if not more as you would on a mid-range PC in the end.

        Platform popularity means nothing. It doesn’t make a system “the best”. If there are games that follow with that popularity then sure, but otherwise it doesn’t really mean anything. And I’m fairly certain PCs still win in this regard. Also, there are FAR more capable PCs accessible in the world right now than there are PS4s.

      2. As far as numbers go, it’s hard to get data. The ps4 pro sales have been pretty lukewarm. The majority of PS4 in the wild are for the base unit, which is easily beat by most PCs out there. We can also assume a fair bit of upgrade overlap, with many ps4 pro sales being conversions from the original, which will affect our overall user base. In 2016, Steam reported 125 mil active users and a growth rate of nearly 1.5 mil per month. If that trend continued, they’d be around 150 mil users. So at 80ish mil total PS4 sales – upgrade overlap – inactive users, Steam has around twice the install base of the PS4. It’s a fair bet that at least half of those are more powerful than a base ps4.

      3. But if we are talking about performance and quality, then PC is objectively better. He’s not wrong.

        If that’s not what you’re talking about, then best is purely subjective.

    1. PS4/Switch master race

      I mean, arrogance sucks, but maybe you should get it back. (Unless you have a PC, in which you don’t loose TOO much)

    2. I would only buy one to play Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, God of War, Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn. For everything else, PC and Switch best combo wombo ever!

    3. That doesn’t sound like a good reason to me personally. The only thing that should make people not want a console is if it has no exclusives that caters to that persons’ interests. I couldn’t care less about the attitudes of the people who make the things.

      1. For awhile I wanted the possibility of cross play to happen, since I played Overwatch on PS4 and my brothers and other friends played it on Xbox. While there are good games for PS4 that I have enjoyed, the fact that Sony says “oh fans won’t care about crossing their accounts over to other machines from our machine because our experience is superior to anyone elses, so you wouldn’t want to” is just them being a superior dick about it. So goodbye Sony and hello to playing with my friends on both Xbox and Switch.

    1. Hopefully it will bite them in the ass, they shouldn’t act like people don’t have other consoles. Arrogance will eventually be the demise of the PlayStation division.

    2. History already repeating itself.
      When will these companies learn that just because they were the top dog on one generation or even two, that it does not mean they shit gold and have apple kind of cult following.

  3. You may want to edit the title a bit.
    The way you have it written makes it sound as if they were directly stating that Nintendo Switch alone was an inferior console out of the 3, than what they really stated.
    That’s very misleading for the people that only pay attention to an article’s headline, and what usually sparks comment wars.

  4. >Plastation 4 is superior than a system with a Smash bros that has every fighter, the biggest 3rd party companies in gaming history, and the Captain N trio
    Good luck with that.

  5. Talk about adding fuel to the fire.

    Anyone else remember a week or two ago when Miyamoto warned the industry not to be greedy.

  6. The dumb thing about this is they say it’s the best place to play and then make it a worse place to play than it has to be by ripping this feature out. Like I see PS fanboys saying they don’t need to play with inferior consoles and I’m just like… cool… but I just want to play with my friends… Believe it or not I have friends with other systems… I have literally not bought multiple games on PS4 because of this, and not to stick it to Sony, but just because the lack of this feature strips the game of value to me when it’s a community experience and my friends have it elsewhere.

    1. Samuel Solberg has the right idea, i may do work for an agency that caters to all the consoles but i found the xbox and nintendo community the most accepting were as the sony ones tend to be if you’ll pardon the expression Arrogant jerks. i’ll admit the ps1 was a really good system the boot up sound i loved. But Nintendo and books for my enjoyment thanks.

  7. I came expecting some arrogant thing about “We’re so much better”, and it was that to a degree.

    But adding that competition is healthy and necessary for an industry to grow does kind of help me understand their decision.

    …still, I think competition should be left among exclusives. Crossplay all the way. I’m no big company, though, so I can’t say anything.

  8. What kind of excuse is that? That’s basically saying ” NOOOOOO, NO, NO, NOOOO…We have better graphics so why should we share”?

    Tat’s a pretty shitty way to think and anti-consumer sony…as far as I know, they are too doing cross platfom play with pc as well with each other…a poor excuse if you ask me.

  9. I hate to say it, but the PS4 really IS superior to the Switch. I was looking at the PS4 games in the store yesterday, and several of them looked interesting. Then I looked at the Switch games, and all I saw was casual garbage (for the most part). I don’t know what’s going on lately. This is the exact opposite of how I felt during the Gamecube/PS2 days.

    1. That’s your opinion. I’m going to state mine and say you’re wrong.

      You’re also comparing one console that’s been out for nearly 5 years and another that has only been out for a year and a half.

      Also, the PS4 has a lot of “casual” games as well. Let’s not just gloss over one library and start cherry picking for another.

      1. Yes, I’m aware the Switch hasn’t been around as long as the PS4. But the lack of any games that are actually worth playing (to me) is frustrating. My Switch has been sitting for months, untouched. Even though I have some new games I haven’t even played yet (mostly indie games). I still love and respect Nintendo. But my feelings towards them has really went downhill in recent years. Which all started with the Wii. But I’ll always hold hope for Nintendo. Some of their IP’s will always be some of my favorites (such as Zelda and Pikmin).

      2. again that’s his point, its been around alot longer and has loads of games. switch is still new and fresh. Of course there isn’t going to be many good games to you, I want 10 of those anyways like sonic mania, usf2/30th anniversary collection, arms, mhgu (got already, thanks gamestop), then we got smash coming, mario kart 8, etc. you gotta see the points of view to understand better I guess.

      3. I don’t mean to be that guy, but despite the fact that the Switch is just over a year into it’s life, I think it’s obvious that it won’t be getting the kinda games on a PS4. Even now from 4 years into it’s life. It just ain’t happening.

        The Switch, while portable, is still what I would call a “Nintendo box.”

        1. The Switch is FAR from being a “Nintendo box”. When I check my friends list I “might” see one person playing a Nintendo title. Most of the time it’s third party titles. I’m currently myself playing multiple non Nintendo titles on my Switch. I’m currently balls deep in Titan Quest, Paladins, The Messanger, and Monster Hunter Ultimate Generation. I’m looking forward to picking up Dark Souls, Diablo 3, Starlink, and Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

          I know a lot of people NEED Nintendo to seem like their platforms are just primarily where you play Nintendo games and that’s it but that is par for the course. People WANT third party games so that they don’t have a reason to need to buy Playstation or Xboxes. Yes those consoles have their diehard fans but majority of gamers and casual a like would LOVE to just own a Nintendo console that has it all.

          1. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean when I say that. The Switch is slightly better in terms of third party support, but it’s not quite up there yet. Take a look around, even on this very site, you’ll see news about games not coming to the Switch, developers saying it’s not in their interest right now, it’s not powerful enough, etc. The usual.

            Also, I doubt very many people would outright purchase a Switch if they didn’t have at least one Nintendo game in their interest. Their games are once again the main reason to get it, not so much third party. Which is why it’s a Nintendo box.

            1. The thing is the Switch is a fraction of the size of a PS4 or an Xbox One and it’s able to get games like Doom and Wolfenstein up and working pretty good. Sure sacrifices have to be made but those games are there and fully playable. Those games shoot down a lot of third party’s reasons to NOT bring their games to the Switch.

              You hear less and less third party’s saying they aren’t bringing their games to the Switch. Hell you had the Devs from a Hat In Time change their tune about bringing over their game.

              Panicbutton has even said that the window is growing smaller and smaller when bringing games day and date to the Switch. Sales are also a huge factor for why more and more third party’s are jumping on. Have you seen the software sales charts?!?! It’s insane!

              As for the Nintendo game appeal for a Switch purchase. Couldn’t this be said about PlayStation or to a lesser effect Xbox?!?! I’m sure Playstation/Xbox fans have bought the console for the exclusives that appeal to them much like Nintendo fans. It’s third party software that bridges the gap.

              1. DOOM and Wolfenstein are indeed impressive for a Switch port, don’t get me wrong. But, if that really did prove anything would come, we would be getting more games, correct?

                The Switch, as a handheld, is plenty powerful. It’s a massive boost over the 3DS and Vita. No one can deny that.

                As a console, it isn’t up to par at all. Many of these games are built for the other, more powerful consoles. And that doesn’t bode well for the Switch. It’s nothing like the original Xbox One vs PS4 where they are similar enough with a resolution, texture difference, etc. It’s far weaker in comparison and that’s not easy to get around.

                Upgraded ports of older games and some lesser demanding games here and there are a lot more reasonable to expect. And I personally have no problem if that ends up being the case. Skyrim, for example, was a great fit for it. Let’s just say, don’t expect too many current gen AAA games. Unless the success of the Switch leads to them giving it more priority and not just being an afterthought. Then it’s not happening.

                As for PS and Xbox exclusives, sure. They play a role in whether or not someone’s likely to get it. But they aren’t nearly as dependant on exclusives as Nintendo. Especially not the Xbox which is basically surviving off third party this generation.

                Until you can play many of the major third party releases as the other consoles, it’ll continue to be a Nintendo box in my eyes. Quite frankly, I think you’d be mad to even look in their direction if you’re interested in those kind of games.

                Anyways, I’m rambling. But, it’s understandable to me why The Collector feels like that. If the games aren’t there, then he’s not as interested. Plain and simple.

    2. …… I just can’t even……. this is so utterly absurd. You say “the PS4 really IS superior” as though you have any kind of metric, but then the only reason you cite is how interesting the games looked to you in the store yesterday?

      1. That was only an example. I’m also basing it on how many upcoming games I plan to buy, and how there’s next to none coming out on the Switch, other than the Yoshi game. And none of my favorite types of games are ever on the Switch (or past Nintendo consoles). I finally had to stop being such a Nintendo fanboy and admit that there was better games on the Playstation. But I’ll never abandon Nintendo’s consoles.

  10. Best experience is purely subjective. For me, it will probably be the PS4. Especially if I ever start using voice chat in video games. Least on PS4 I don’t have to rely on an external device for talking to people.

    1. Still wish they’d do cross-platform play on the PS4, though. I have at least one friend who only games on XBox as he gave up his PS4 for XBox One. I got another who could give up his PS4 in favor of Xbox One, too. In other words, quit being stupid, Sony, because you’re honestly pulling Nintendo levels of bullshit in this particular aspect.

        1. Yes. Nintendo levels as this is something Nintendo would do if they were in Sony’s position and sitting pretty at top. (Nintendo still pulls a few shitty things here & there even now, though. Like trying to limit voice chat through a smartphone app.) Make no mistake. Nintendo is NO saint.

      1. Sony seems to be in more of a “we can do whatever we want” mood since they don’t really have any competition.

        And a lot of people just ignore it since they want to play exclusives. And that works to their advantage.

        As much as people like picking on the X1 for lack of exclusives, it’s steadily improving in all other areas whereas Sony literally stopped caring.

        1. I get Sony is just another company like Nintendo & EA and they will shit on their customers if they can get away with it. They all three do it because they know they can: Nintendo because a lot of people are still attached to their 1st party games (some that have been around for 3 decades (“The Nostalgia is strong with this one.” (Star Wars humor), EA because they have a monopoly on Madden & FIFA and people fucking love American football and football/soccer, and Sony because they are more often than not on top. Sony will straighten out when their PS5 releases & it is off to a slow start because of bullshit like no cross platform play.

          1. That could the case. Or… maybe not. Maybe people will continue to ignore the Xbox and Sony will have more of a monopoly than ever.

            Let me just say… that won’t end well.

  11. Get off the high horse, Sony- just because you’re the top dog right now doesn’t mean you can’t get knocked down. What someone defines as “best experience” depends on a number of variables, not all of which apply to the PS4.

    Powerful? Yes.
    Large game library? Yes.
    Must-play exclusives? Yes- BUT some of them such as Crash Trilogy are no longer exclusive.
    Play on the go? No.
    Cross-platform so I can play online games with friends regardless what system they have? NO!

    Sooner or later PS4-only people will realize how cut off they are from communities for games that allow cross-play and are therefore much larger because of it and pick up another system, or even leave Sony altogether.

    1. They won’t change a thing until they announce PS5 and if they’re this arrogant when they do, they will get knocked down a notch.

    1. the way i see it the xbox has the best online and voice chat features
      The ps4 is best for the dvds/blurays
      Nintendo is best for games to relive nostalgia and socialize with others.

      Pc is good for steam,skype,discord and word processing.

      basically what i’m saying is every platform has both good and bad points, saying one is better than the other is just proving that your being an arrogant prick and only give a crap about yourself.

      1. First, the XB1 has PS4 beat on Blu-Rays. The Xbox One S and X both play 4K Blu-Rays, which all iterations of the PS4 lack. You can also link your Microsoft account to your Movies Anywhere account so you can play movies you’ve purchased from Google Play, iTunes, Amazon and Vudu all on Xbox.

        Second, my comment was made regarding Sony’s claim that their console is the best place to play online games, such as Fortnite. This is certainly not the case, as explained by my comment that Microsoft’s servers far outnumber that of Sony’s, resulting in a better online experience. I never said that the PS4 is without merit; I’m not sure where you got that from or how that makes me an arrogant prick who only cares about himself. I own a Switch, XB1, and PS4 and thoroughly enjoy them all. Though admittedly, I do personally prefer Xbox over the others. We all have different tastes, and can prefer one console over another while still enjoying other consoles. With all that in mind, I suggest that you grow thicker skin when someone makes a comment that you may disagree with.

          1. Even if that is the case, having the ability to play 4K Blu-Rays still gives Xbox One the upper hand because it’s just another medium that it can access; two mediums if you also count music CD’s, which the PS4 cannot play. A lot of movies come out in 4K/Blu-Ray/ Digital HD packs now. So if maybe you don’t need the Blu-Ray copy or 4K copy, you can sell one and still have access to the other physical copy, which is a small luxury that you wouldn’t have on the PS4.

  12. Like always, ps4 fanboys will back whatever nonsensical shit sony spouts out of their mouths. What exactly where these ways sony was looking into crossplay? Absolutely nothing changed.

  13. Nintendo should have never signed with Sony to make the Super Nintendo PlayStation to begin with. Either that, or they should have never dropped the project in the first place.
    (Ever since then, the only original Sony invention I can think of is the PlayStation Eye.)

    1. And then what… put Nintendo out of business?! Either you hate Nintendo and pulling as much bullshit as President Donald fucking Trump, your comment don’t make no goddamn sense. Nintendo is here to stay regardless of power, time, and energy. Quality comes first and foremost as well as creating something unique.

    2. Nintendo might not have liked the contract Sony had made but they still could have negotiated with Sony. At the time, Sony really wanted to get into the gaming business and felt working with Nintendo would be the quickest, cheapest way so Nintendo could have eventually gotten Sony to change the contract to something they could both be happy with. Instead, Nintendo bailed out at the first sign of possible trouble and the PlayStation was eventually born. It’s been haunting Ninty ever since as Sony has been on top ever since, claiming Nintendo’s place on the Iron Throne. Err… Sorry… Too much Game of Thrones. The Wii era was a lucky break for Nintendo, but after that gen, Sony was back on top. Whether Switch is another lucky break remains to be seen. (It’s doing well so far but that’s against the PS4 & XBox One. PS5 & NeXtBox could be right around the corner and they could knock Nintendo right back down to the bottom where they were during the Wii U era. Either way, I’ll be having fun no matter what happens.)

  14. Xbone One X is what you would want to play for best performance, but what does this have anything to do with allowing players to crossplay? If the strongest and weakest consoles can crossplay, PS4 should have no problem to do it with them.

  15. Why should he state anything different? He’s some management guy from Sony, of course he will be – especially with this issue – be careful to emphasize how the PS4 is what people should buy and prefer.

    You can always take stuff some management guys are saying about competition and I wish that could stop. Noone should care about that stuff. Sure, it’s nice that for instance Phil Spencer plays so nice with others, but damn, Microsoft and Nintendo proved many times in history how they shit on everything below them once as they are on top. Every company does that and it’s just childish to expect some church where everyone respects each other and plays nice. It’s a billion $ business.

    That being said it’s not like I generally approve Sony’s stance on this. It’s stupid, but then again, they got the power to just do it, even if it sucks. I’m just glad I didn’t ever open a FN account on my PS4. And that I’m not even the audience to put money into that game.

  16. Pure arrogance. Crappy response to the problem. I use my Switch and PC at least 3 times the amount that I’ve used my PS4. If it weren’t for Spiderman, there wouldn’t be a single noteworthy game on it all year that I couldn’t have a better experience with on a different platform. Maybe they should focus on having more good exclusives like Bloodborne, that aren’t just interactive movies. Because their online experience is far from the best.

    1. The sad truth is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s interactive movie games are far superior to whatever trash Sony Pictures farts out these days. Of course, they are superior to a lot of movies that get released by Hollywood.these days. lol As far as I’ve seen, Sony is putting out quality high rating games, both interactive movie games (Until Dawn, Detroit: Become Human) & “regular” games (Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War (4), and soon Marvel’s Spider-Man & Last of Us II soon.) Speaking of noteworthy games, Spider-Man isn’t the only one as you forgot about God of War 4 which released earlier this year to the PS4.

  17. Sony’s online is crap, the only thing it has online better is game deals that’s it… I’ve always hated the awkwardness of the controller the only one I liked was the original lol …there’s no need to be a twat about it all

    1. i actually think Sony is Autistic for thinking so highly of themselves. Every system has good and bad points as do human beings. Besides all sony care about are those pachinko machines, and they think they are “best for entertainment maybe dvd players yes but for gaming ? sorry but the video above explains my feelings towards their stupidity. Even microsoft is doing cross platform play. guess we know who the real losers are.

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