Nintendo Switch

It Seems That Nintendo’s Official Site Is Accidentally Listing Yoshi Switch As “Yoshi’s Crafted World”

Nintendo may have accidentally let a cat out of the bag. Fans have discovered that Nintendo’s official site has an accidental listing that reveals the name of the upcoming Yoshi Switch game. If you manage to get the game to show up in the “you might also like” tab, you may see the name “Yoshi’s Crafted World” appear, instead of its placeholder title. The game is currently listed for a 2019 release.

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      1. I know, but someone noticed it and send it in. I thought it would have been fair to let Nintendo themselves land this news.
        Ow well, it’s just a title


      2. Nintendo has no control over mother nature today was probably gonna be a normal day for them then the events happened and plans changed so no you can’t blame Nintendo


    1. thought so too.they wanted to keep the name convention of wooly world and maybe also didn’t wanna call it paper world as it would look like a paper mario game. cardboard world would’ve sounded like a Labo-game … so maybe that was the only thing that worked for them.


  1. Woolly World was fun but they were extremely easy in every way. Hope these are getting a bit more difficult like Yoshi’s Island or Yoshi’s story


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