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Nintendo Has Decided To Delay Today’s Nintendo Direct Due To The Powerful Earthquake In Japan

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Nintendo has announced that it is delaying today’s Nintendo Direct presentation due to a tragically large earthquake which has sadly hit Japan. The earthquake happened in Hokkaido and you can read more about it here. Nintendo has apologised for delaying the Direct but I’m sure you can understand why they decided to do it. They will reschedule the Nintendo Direct at a later date.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

41 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Decided To Delay Today’s Nintendo Direct Due To The Powerful Earthquake In Japan”

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    1. Especially since the aftermath of a devastating earthquake is just as dangerous as the earthquake itself. Downed power lines, houses that could collapse further at any minute, etc are no joke.

  2. I saw this post earlier today on fb and some of the comments are completely insensitive…
    Thoughts and Prayers to Japan đź•Żđź•Ż

  3. goddammit, this sucks. I mean for Japan; completely irrelevant that they delayed that thing; haven’t even caught up the indie-direct yet so I might just watch that if I can’t hold it any longer.
    But those photographs look crazy; Japan’s really a place tortured by nature forces.

  4. This year has been really bad for Japan. Enormously high temperatures in Saitama prefecture, typhoons in Osaka and northern Japan, floods in western Japan, and now this. Hard to believe how fast they always recover from these disasters.

      1. Japan actually has multiple gods so next time you want to make a insensitive comment make sure your response is actually true.

      2. First off, be cool and realize people are suffering and video game news can wait.
        Second, ultimate super buu, JAPAN doesn’t have any god(s). Japan is a place, not a religion.
        Third, prayers don’t do anything but at least people who think they do are doing it.
        Fourthlyest (I made that up for fun), I think they were going to release switch online today as a surprise.

      3. This is one of these moments where being an asshole because you’re an atheist just makes you an even BIGGER asshole. If you are this triggered, do you also snap at people that say “oh god” when excited, shocked, or scared or when they say “god bless you” or just “bless you” when someone sneezes?

      4. Anybody remember “Spot the Vegan”? I think the new one is “Spot the Atheist”. You can’t bring up god or anything regarding any form of religion without having that one guy rant about existence.

  5. Seeing the disaster on the NHK news this morning. Terrible. Nintendo can take all the time they need. This is definitely of greater concern. Crazy how the mountains totally changed like that.

  6. It’s always an earthquake.

    Rare Castlevania artwork lingering around? Earthquake.

    A Pokemon episode where Earhquake is used? Earthquake.

    A plot point in Best Wishes, closer to the BW games and where Team Rocket trio/the plot is edgier than ever? Earthquake.

    A Skrelp and Dragalge episode? Earthquake.

    I’ll be waiting for Smash and Undertale this holiday season, while continuing my back-catalogue of retro games.

  7. My heart and prayers are with the Japanese People… It’s a hard thing to have all their hard work destroyed and lives threatened by Mother Nature on a regular basis.

    Recover fast and come back strong Japan

    …. Ninty!!! Take all the time you need… We’ll be here when you are ready.

  8. While I am sad that I have to wait a bit more for the direct I’m even more sad for the people who were affected by the earthquake. Take all the time you guys need Nintendo our hearts go out to you.

  9. PS4/Switch master race

    Understandable. Hope Japan recovers from this soon. My condolences to everyone affected and their families.

  10. For us, the direct will come, for the people that are mourning the loss of their loved ones, they will never come.
    It’s times like this that show how little video games mean when weighted against the value of human life.

    1. that’s actually a rumor as it hasn’t been officially confirmed by nintendo of america. it’s rumored to happen next thursday a day before the next splatoon 2 update

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