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Capcom Planning Mega Man 11 Stream Tomorrow

If you haven’t already downloaded it, there’s a demo for Mega Man 11 available right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you would like to see more then Capcom USA has announced via Twitter that it plans to host a live stream showing gamers a look at Torch Man and Impact Man’s stages. They also mentioned that they will be showing a stage or two from the game’s Challenge Mode. The stream begins at 2pm PT.

2 thoughts on “Capcom Planning Mega Man 11 Stream Tomorrow”

  1. Yes mega man 11 look good, .. but..
    No europe physical = no buy!
    Diablo 3 for Switch complete on cartridge with all dlcs.
    Capcom –
    Resident evil revelations = half digital
    Mega man x legacy Collection = half digital
    Mega man legacy Collection = half digital
    Stop release digital Only half games!!!

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