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Team Sonic Racing Screenshots

Japanese gaming magazine and online site Famitsu has revealed some new screenshots for the latest game in the Sonic Racing franchise, Team Sonic Racing. The screenshots provided by Twitter user SonicWindBlue show the game’s world map and different team gameplay moves. Team Sonic Racing, which is developed by Sumo Digital, is due to be released on the Nintendo Switch later this year.


12 thoughts on “Team Sonic Racing Screenshots”

    1. I don’t hate Infinite, but I hate that his origin was so underwhelming and weak- oh shoot, I shouldn’t have said that.


      1. I’ve been so focused on if Infinite will be in the game that I haven’t looked to see if this game is gonna be on PS4. *looks* Yep. On PS4. *sighs with relief* Now I just need Infinite to be revealed as a racer and I’m good to go in getting this game on my PS4. When I get 3 or more Sonic games on my PS4, I’ll make a folder for Sonic the Hedgehog then. Til then, I only have Sonic Forces on there.

          1. He just needs a Sonic game where he’s the actual villain of the game instead of being someone’s lackey. Being a pawn of Robotnik’s is ultimately what held him back. Honestly, Forces shouldn’t have ended when Eggman and his Phantom Ruby in his ultimate weapon were defeated. Sega should have had Infinite pop back up after fully fusing with his Phantom Ruby, turn on Eggman, crush Sonic’s resistance, and it should have unlocked a second half of the game where Infinite is the main villain while Eggman is forced to work with Sonic and what’s left of his resistance to stop Infinite. Shadow then should have became a bigger part of the story since it was because of him that Infinite sought more power, too. Something akin to Kid Icarus Uprising.

            1. That could have been good, but at the same time, one or both of those have happened multiple times in past Sonic games that I would dare to call it cliche (Chaos betrays Eggman at the end of Sonic Adventure, the Eclipse Cannon turns out to be a trap and forces Eggman to work with Sonic and friends to stop it, The Deadly Six turn on Eggman AND he works together with Sonic to stop them, and, if you count this one though canon it may not be, Eggman teams up with Sonic against the Nocturnus Clan in Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (oh, and in both that and Colors Eggman claims to have reformed his ways) but then tricks them so he can rebuild his empire in their absence).

              Now what they could do instead is have Infinite return, realizing Eggman only held him back, and have him, Eggman, AND Sonic’s resistance fighting a 3-way war for the world.

              And drop Classic Sonic because nothing about his appearance in Forces made any sense; all it did was take away resources that could have gone into making a better game.

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