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Nintendo Is Looking For A Senior Security Software Engineer

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Nintendo has been hiring throughout the year, but the latest job opening may make you very curious. You see, Nintendo is looking for a senior security software engineer. The company’s description of duties suggests that the person who gets the job may be used to help deal with hackers. The full list of duties and requirements can be seen down below, so feel free to check it out.

Description Of Duties

  • Conducting security reviews of existing software components and subsystems
  • Analyzing past security breaches to understand vulnerabilities
  • Using tools such as IDA Pro or a disassembler to reverse engineer malicious binary images
  • Hacking and also implementing formal penetration tests
  • Research, design and development of security technologies such as secure boot, type-1 hypervisors
Summary Of Requirements
  • Degree in CE, CS or EE required. MS degree preferred.
  • Proficient in C/C++
  • Experience with ARM and/or x86 assembly language
  • Experience developing kernel and/or boot software
  • Able and willing to learn and apply knowledge in these areas:
    • Complex parts of a kernel such as MMU and IOMMU page tables, system calls, scheduler
    • Secure boot implementations
    • Cryptography and public key infrastructure (PKI)
    • SOC security technologies


11 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Looking For A Senior Security Software Engineer”

  1. And this is the REAL reason there won’t be cloud saves for certain games because those fucking morons at Nintendo didn’t even hire someone to put up a system to stop cheating by way of cloud saves and are just NOW looking for someone. Probably got a shitload of backlash for revealing the cloud save issue and are scrambling to hire someone to fix it as soon as possible. Next time future proof your shit, NintenD’OH!!

      1. That might make sense if there were NO cloud saves and Nintendo (not the individual developers) was responsible for implementing the feature.

      1. That’s still bad as they should have started looking back in 2016 or 2015 during the Switch’s early days of development, not during the second year of it being out on the market. So you didn’t really disprove anything I just said if that was your intent.

      2. *So you didn’t really disprove my overall point if that was your intent. And my point was that Nintendo should have had this job listing up BEFORE the Switch release when they decided they wanted to do a paid online service and have cloud saves as part of the service, not wait til mid-way through it’s second year out.

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