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Nintendo Has Banned Some Splatoon 2 Users Who Hacked In Octolings And Then Used Them Online

Reports are flowing around the internet that a number of Splatoon 2 users who managed to hack in the Octolings, and then participated in online matches, have received notices from Nintendo stating that their usage of Nintendo online services will be restricted. The Octolings will officially be coming as part of the upcoming Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion which is due to be released this summer. Here’s the notification that was handed to one user and was published on Reset Era:



30 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Banned Some Splatoon 2 Users Who Hacked In Octolings And Then Used Them Online”

      1. Yeah, I like Splatoon because its an escape from the worst parts of online gaming (feeling obligated to deal with people on voice chat, etc). It’s amazing how even with limited tools to do it, people find a way to be obnoxious and ruin the game for others.

      2. From Splatoon or Nintendo service. I never start a squid party but I’ll be the first to join. I don’t get why I should even be banned from Splatoon altogether. Just play ranked bro

    1. They were using it for hacking purposes and going online don’t you think that’s dumb on there part it also makes stuff unfair for other users because they never now whether the hacker is cheating or not, so banning them is actually a wise descion from a business pov it’s kinda of the main reason a lot of people stop playing the original because there’s a lot of Wii U hackers they kept winning have the whole floor cover with ink meanings setting bombs up automatically all over the map eeesh

    1. I think it all depends on their usage of hacking or datamining. Like with some games, you would actually NEVER know about this or that if you don’t datamine or hack the game. Like Undertale has hidden lore in the game you can only find if you datamine/hack it. Hacking can show you hidden locations found in games that can only be accessed by breaking the boundaries. Now, hacking that can actively harm someone else’s fun or break their game is being an ass. Like people in Dark Souls games on PC who hack stuff and can get people soft banned. It just all depends on how you do it, so it’s not really pointless.

  1. Good, I like splatoon 2 and it’s a really fun game but I sold it because of people that like to hack, cheat, and camp in one spot like in Call of Duty totally ruining the game for the rest of us. (Turf War – cover up the most turf in your ink as you can in the time givin, if you see someone on the opposite team, splat them and then move on) A lot of times i would get splatted be someone, only to go to the same spot again and it’s the same person

  2. “Guys, I’m the first person to play as the Octolings!!”

    [5 minutes later Nintendo bans them, now they can’t ever play the game again]

    “Aww fuck.”

    1. From me neither.
      I have to switches
      I’ve for legit playing and one for hacking. I’ll be playing mod on my games and I’ll be using Homebrew. I’ll still but every game though. And won’t cheat online. Using Homebrew with harming no one

  3. I don’t think that Nintendo handled the situation very well, as it is CLEARLY the result of poor security! It’s up to them to make sure that this doesn’t happen again! That’s for sure!

  4. I mean… Are they stupid? Why would you use them online do you not think there’ll be ramifications?

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  8. Hacking in online game is a prohibited practice. Some of hacker hack renown players email account and pretend as that player to get noticed on online gaming. PlayStation, Nintendo and other online gaming platform should be careful about this type of cheat and take action.

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