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Super Lucky’s Tale Twitter Account Says They Would Love To See Game On Nintendo Switch

The Xbox One title Super Lucky’s Tale is an enjoyable title but hardly set the platforming world on fire upon its release. One Nintendo fan has asked the game’s official Twitter account if they would release the game on the Nintendo Switch as it would be a good fit. The person who runs the account said they would love to see the game on the platform. Super Lucky’s Tale has now become available on Steam.

Thanks toย Luigi for the news tip!

18 thoughts on “Super Lucky’s Tale Twitter Account Says They Would Love To See Game On Nintendo Switch”

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      1. It was an Xbox exclusive but they just released it on steam a few days ago. So no longer an exclusive. They also did a poll and asked what other systems you would want to see super luckys tale on a bit ago and a lot of people said switch.

  2. I played through the first couple of stages on gamepass. I wasn’t impressed not sure if it gets better but it felt like something I would play if I really had nothing else , which never happens meaning I would probly never play it lol

  3. Honestly I don’t understand why games like this end up as XBOX exclusives, especially considering One is probably the worst selling system this generation. I’d love to see this and Cuphead make it onto Switch and PS4.

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