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Masatsugu Saito Produces Special Illustration For Release Of Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country

The long-awaited Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country is now available for users who have purchased the Expansion Pass. Those who do not own the Expansion Pass, but would like the standalone game, can buy a physical version which comes out later this month. To celebrate the game’s release, character designer Masatsugu Saito has produced this special illustration for fans. Our review of the standalone game will be available shortly.




9 thoughts on “Masatsugu Saito Produces Special Illustration For Release Of Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country”

  1. I should start playing this game so I can see how out of proportion people blew the fanservice. I hear it’s a very tiny percentage of the game where as certain people are making it out to be some giant percentage that ruins their enjoyment.

      1. Don’t forget some will consider me just a PlayStation fanboy or someone that utterly hates Nintendo. Sadly, the latter is true as I’ve grown to hate Nintendo and the only reason I’m still here is because I love their games. It might seem contradictory to some but I follow the thinking that the art shouldn’t be punished because I don’t like the artist.

    1. I love this game, and I don’t care about the fan service at all, and I’d be the first to defend it, but there is A LOT of fan service in the game. The female Blades far outnumber the male ones and an awful lot of them are very fanservice-y. It’s not all of them, sure, but a good chunk of them are. The thing to note, though, is that it’s only the Blades that are fanservice-y, none of the humans are at all because one of the ways of identifying Blades is how extravagant they look. People get way, WAY too hung up on the fanservice in this game though, they just need to calm down about tbh, there are games where it’s a lot worse *cough* hyperdimension neptunia *cough*

      1. I loved the first game so I had no intention of skipping this one. Especially after spoiling a certain character’s identity that connects Xenoblade 2 to the original. (One of the reasons I won’t be upset if I never play XCX is the fact it’s not connected to the original and seems more like a Xenogears game.)

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