UK: Nintendo Now Ranked At Number 11 For Brand Relevance

The Brand Relevance Index for 2018 has been published online and it makes for interesting reading. As you know, the UK is the biggest video game market in Europe so its interesting to see which brands consumers in the United Kingdom favour. Sony’s PlayStation brand is now at number three which is quite some achievement as it was number nine last year. Apple is at number one, Xbox has fallen to number seventeen, and Nintendo has risen to number eleven. Check out the top brands here.



  1. Is anyone else bothered by how Mario and Peach got new renders for the game while Luigi and Nabbit still have their old ones?

  2. The list kind of loses legitimacy when the NHS, the government healthcare system in the U.K., is on it. After all, it’s not like anyone has a real alternative choice is it? “This thing that everyone HAS to use is a really relevant brand” isn’t exactly a very significant statement. It’s like naming “water” or “salt” popular foods.

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